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Somebody Take the Wheel

Life takes unexpected twists and turns. When one of those unforeseen changes of direction leads you into danger on the roads, it’s more important than you think to ask for help. Whether you subscribe to the philosophy from the popular song or place your faith elsewhere, we still recommend a lawyer if you’ve been involved […] READ MORE

Love Gone Wrong

We all know that business and pleasure should be kept separate, but we also know they don’t always stay separate. When the two mix and an office romance ensues, trouble is never far behind. Check out our list of workplace romance concerns, and be sure to call Montagna Klein Camden if you ever find yourself […] READ MORE

Make it Personal

The New Year is meant to be a new beginning, but sometimes life throws unpredictable obstacles into our paths. If you’re starting the new year grappling with the aftermath of an accident or injury, don’t try to do it alone. Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in downtown Norfolk, Virginia and […] READ MORE

Holiday Happenings

Merry Montagna, Hampton Roads! Each year, our law firm sponsors a family for Christmas, and this year is no different. Our Hampton Roads family-in-need has sent their wish lists on to the elves at Montagna Klein Camden, and we can’t wait to send them a sleigh full of joy this season. We’re currently running a […] READ MORE

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

‘Tis the season for holiday travel and Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm is here to help you get home safe & sound. We know from experience that some roads in Virginia involve paying greater attention to surrounding drivers. Higher traffic volume in addition to major trucking routes make some highways such as I-81 and I-64 through Staunton […] READ MORE

We Put the ‘Personal’ in Personal Injury

When you’re injured, whether physical, mental or emotional, it may feel like everyone is conspiring against you. First, you’re hurt. Next, the insurance company refuses to take care of you. Finally, the fees or medical bills associated with your injury start piling up. What to do, when it seems like the whole world is out […] READ MORE

Common Workers Compensation Cases

Workplace injuries are a serious issue, and it can feel like you against the world. Your employer, their insurer and their attorneys may try to compensate you with insufficient funds or refuse to admit responsibility at all, leaving you hurt, out of work and feeling helpless. Don’t let those in power push you around. You’ve […] READ MORE

Summer Street Safety

Road safety is a shared responsibility, especially in Hampton Roads during the summer. Pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists and bicyclists all share a mutual obligation to keep the roads safe. Whether you’re a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, we’re all in this together. If you or someone you love is hit by an automobile this summer, call the […] READ MORE

Social Security Disability

Disability is a strong word, one that should only be used to convey immense gravity regarding someone’s medical condition. At Montagna Klein Camden, we take that word very seriously, and we recognize and respect the weight that it carries. If a disability is preventing you or someone you love from fully enjoying their days, then […] READ MORE

Montagna Bikes for MS

The Montagna Klein Camden team was honored to take part in the inaugural “Bike MS: Colonial Crossroads” – a 150-mile fundraising ride on June 4th to help those in our area living with multiple sclerosis. Thanks to the National MS Society’s Virginia – West Virginia Chapter for inviting us to participate. A world free of […] READ MORE

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