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Author: Jon Montagna

Summer Street Safety

Summer Street Safety

Road safety is a shared responsibility, especially in Hampton Roads during the summer. Pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists and bicyclists all share a mutual obligation to keep the roads safe. Whether you’re a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, we’re all in this together.

If you or someone you love is hit by an automobile this summer, call the Personal Injury attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk and Newport News. We can help fight to get you the medical treatment and financial compensation you deserve. Call us for a free legal consultation to learn more about your rights and potential rewards.

Let Montagna Klein Camden help you navigate the mean streets this summer with our tips and tricks for summer safety. Stay cool and stay safe!

Texting While Walking

As a Driver:

  1. PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE. It’s not worth your life, or anyone else’s. It can wait.
  2. BUCKLE UP. Why take a chance?
  3. Get settled before you put the car in drive. Rather than hitting the road only to realize your parking pass is in the backseat, take a moment before you leave to think about where you’re going and what you’ll need. If you know you’re going to stop for fast food, set your wallet on the seat beside you. If you always play music through your phone, plug it in and choose your playlist before you reverse out of anywhere.
  4. If you’re making a long trip, stop regularly to stretch, eat, drink and take care of yourself. If you stay cramped up in that car for too long, you could lose focus or even fall asleep. Even if only for five minutes, pull over and walk around to shake yourself out of the monotony.
  5. Share the road. When a cyclist is near you on the road, give them an extra few seconds with your signal on before changing lanes, merging, etc. Their vehicles are smaller and more vulnerable than yours, and a small bump could result in extensive injuries, or even death. A few moments’ hesitation on your part could save a life.
  6. Summer storms can strike Hampton Roads suddenly. If you’re on the roads when one of these gusty, drizzly storms hits, you may want to flip on your hazard lights and pull over. Other drivers will likely be doing the same, and visibility can decrease drastically without warning. Luckily, such fury seldom rages for long. You’ll be back on your way in no time.

As a Pedestrian:

  1. PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE. Would you cross a tightrope with your eyes shut? Then don’t cross the street while texting.
  2. Exercise caution when it comes to headphones. You can’t be completely aware of your surroundings if you can’t hear what’s happening around you. Turn down the volume, pop out one earbud, or both.
  3. Be visible, be alert. Stay in view of traffic during the day, when traveling on sidewalks or waiting to cross streets. At night, wear light or reflective clothing and stick to more well-lit areas.
  4. Never assume that a car will slow, stop or wait for you. Even if you’re pretty sure they saw you, wait an extra moment. Try to make eye contact with the driver, and be certain that your path is safe before setting foot off that sidewalk.
  5. Be wary of alcohol. Approximately half of all pedestrian crashes involve alcohol in some capacity, and of those, the pedestrian was the one who had been drinking 34% of the time. If you’re drinking and walking, we applaud you for not driving, but remind you that it is still risky. Stay on the sidewalk, and if possible, with friends or family who are not drinking.

As a Parent:

Teenagers are already the most likely drivers to get into an accident, but during the summer months, the roads are positively deadly for teens aged 15 – 19. All kids are out of school, other inexperienced teen drivers are learning the ropes on the same pavement as your child, and they’re all pretty focused on that little screen in their pockets. Start your teen’s driving career off on the right foot; teach them good, safe habits now and avoid the pain, heartache and expense of auto accidents later.

The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is a particularly risky place during summer. Vacationers crowd the streets with their SUVs and motorhomes, while locals swarm the sidewalks and beaches in droves. With all of those people and all of that movement, the boardwalk becomes a hotbed for danger.

Contact Montagna Klein Camden today if you or someone you love has been injured by a careless, reckless or distracted driver. Let us make it right.

social security disability

Social Security Disability

Woman in wheelchair

Disability is a strong word, one that should only be used to convey immense gravity regarding someone’s medical condition. At Montagna Klein Camden, we take that word very seriously, and we recognize and respect the weight that it carries.

If a disability is preventing you or someone you love from fully enjoying their days, then we consider that a tragedy, and we want to help. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we don’t get paid unless you win your case and gain compensation. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. We hope that you’ll give us a call and a chance to help right the wrongs that have been done to you.

Social Security Disability benefits are paid to those who cannot work due to a medical condition that is likely to last up to one year, or expected to be fatal. The payment of Social Security Disability can help you and your family through the tough times, and hopefully see you into some brighter days.

Our skilled attorneys are experienced in numerous types of disabilities claims, including benefits for surviving spouses, supplemental security income and social security disability. We will not only fight to get you the peace, quiet and compensation that you deserve, but also the financial support and medical care that you need. Let us help you and your family.

Whether you’ve applied before and been denied is irrelevant. Our social security disability lawyers are well-versed in the process of applying and fighting for disability benefits. We can help you reevaluate your application, submit it for reconsideration, and stand with you at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge if necessary. We’ll do whatever it takes, whatever you need, to make sure that your claim has been addressed and resolved.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t suffer in silence for another second. Call Montagna Klein Camden today at 866-622-8100 to schedule your free legal consultation and start changing your life. You’ve got everything to gain.

Montagna Bikes for MS

Montagna Bikes for MS

Bike-MSThe Montagna Klein Camden team was honored to take part in the inaugural “Bike MS: Colonial Crossroads” – a 150-mile fundraising ride on June 4th to help those in our area living with multiple sclerosis. Thanks to the National MS Society’s Virginia – West Virginia Chapter for inviting us to participate. A world free of MS is a goal we’re always happy to support.

Hearing Loss and the Workers Compensation Act

Speak Up

Hearing ExamEmployers and employees in the maritime industry face a number of hazards and dangers each day on the job. These risks are precisely the reason for the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, or LHWCA. Under the umbrella of the LHWCA, maritime workers are protected in case of injury, including permanent partial disabilities, such as hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a serious injury, one which will stay with the worker for the rest of his or her life. Fortunately, compensation is payable to those maritime workers suffering hearing loss from the job. If you are a maritime worker whose hearing has been damaged due to your occupation, contact the experienced and aggressive legal team at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk, VA.

There are a couple of steps to take if you’ve suffered occupational hearing loss:

  1. Notify your employer IMMEDIATELY after the damage has occurred. Contact Montagna Klein Camden for your free consultation to learn more about your rights. Obtain an LS-1 form from your employer, which authorizes medical treatment from the physician of your choice.
  2. Get medical treatment as soon as possible.
  3. Give written notice within 30 days of your injury, using the LS-201 form. Contact the nearest OWCP office for more information.
  4. File a written claim within one year of A) your injury or B) your last compensation payment; whichever date is later.

Click Here to obtain LS forms.

Click Here for more info about Longshore District Office.

Click Here to schedule your free legal consultation with the skilled attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm in Norfolk, Virginia.

Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

Injured on the job?
Don’t go it alone. We can help.

For a system designed to ensure that workers get fair compensation for their injuries, Worker’s Compensation cases sure seem to tilt the other way sometimes.

There are long forms to fill out and tight deadlines to meet, medical evidence to document and the big insurance companies’ team of highly paid attorneys ready to fight you for every nickel.

Should you hire an attorney? As attorneys, we’re a bit biased. But consider this: Montagna Klein Camden attorneys do not get paid unless you win. You have nothing to lose and your livelihood to regain.

If you’ve been injured on the job, or if your worker’s compensation case has already been denied, call us for a free consultation. Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of injured workers in Virginia and North Carolina. We also offer years of successful experience in Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation cases.

If you’re not sure whether to appeal a denied claim, or if your employer offered you a settlement that doesn’t cover your medical expenses and lost income, call us.

If you feel you have been retaliated against by your employer for simply filing a worker’s compensation claim, call us. We can help. There is no obligation whatsoever.

During your free consultation, our attorneys can offer strong advice on the merits of your case, and help you understand what kind of compensation you could be receiving, given your injuries, and what you can expect from your employer’s insurance company moving forward. We have included answers to many commonly asked questions here.

Remember that employers, insurance companies and their lawyers have been through this process many times over. Chances are you have not. And they know it.

Don’t let any employer minimize your injuries, pain or suffering, or intimidate you into stepping back from a claim or appeal. The Worker’s Compensation system was created to protect workers like you, not so employers can deny fair compensation to employees injured on the job.

If you do decide to have our attorneys represent you, know that Montagna Klein Camden will fight aggressively for your rights, guide you through the maze of red tape and paperwork and stand up to the big insurance companies. Don’t settle for less. Protect your livelihood and secure your interests with smart, fearless, fully engaged legal representation you can trust.

Contact us or call toll free today at 877-622-8100.

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcyclists, Beware

As a biker, you probably think your biggest concern is other drivers, but what happens after a collision may have far greater consequences.

Watch For Motorcycle RidersIf you’ve been injured in a motorcycling accident, call the experienced and aggressive attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden. We’ll fight to get the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to serious injuries when involved in accidents. With nothing but the wind above you and the road just inches below your feet, almost any motorcycle accident can result in some type of injury. No matter how alert and careful you are, it only takes one distracted automobile driver to knock you off your bike and send you crashing to the pavement.

What happens next is critical. Don’t let another motorist’s lack of awareness or concern for your rights put you or other bikers at greater risk. Call an experienced lawyer who won’t let them get away with their careless and reckless behavior.

The personal injury attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden are vigorous advocates for civilian and military motorcyclists involved in accidents across the Norfolk, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, and Portsmouth areas. We offer more than 100 years of combined legal experience and have achieved millions of dollars in settlements. Call 877-622-8100 today for your free legal consultation.

We specialize in helping military service members and their families who have been involved in motorcycle accidents. Our tenacious Personal Injury lawyers understand the insurance intricacies and special considerations involved with handling of motorcycle accidents involving military personnel.

Although bikers enjoy the same rights on our roadways as car and truck drivers, negative attitudes toward motorcyclists can sometimes lead to predetermined assumptions that the motorcyclists are at fault in an accident. At Montagna Klein Camden, our attorneys will battle to make sure your rights are understood and protected, during settlement negotiations or at trial. Our goal is never to get you a quick settlement. It’s to get you the settlement you truly deserve based on your injuries and the circumstances surrounding your accident.

Don’t try to go it alone; enlist the help of a veteran attorney who understands the procedure, requirements and expectations of the courtroom. Victims who try to represent themselves, or who don’t hire experienced motorcycle accident attorneys, often receive far less compensation than they should. Detailed documentation of the damage to your motorcycle, lost wages as well as physical and mental injuries are all critical to your settlement’s success.

The attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk and Newport News, Virginia will take the time to dig deep and understand the circumstances surrounding your accident, as well as the full impact of your injuries. That kind of attention not only maximizes your settlement terms, it helps you make sound decisions moving forward with your case.

If you are a civilian or a member of the military and you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact the attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden today.

No other law firm will fight harder on your behalf. Don’t settle for less.

auto accident attourneys

Auto Accident Attorneys

 Auto Accident AftermathYou were hurt in an auto accident. Now what?

Each year, tens of thousands of Americans are hurt and permanently injured in car accidents.

No one ever expects it. No one sees the big insurance companies coming, either.

When the dust settles, the shock subsides and those insurance companies move in, you’ll need an aggressive, hard-nosed personal injury law firm by your side to fight for your rights.

The attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden bring decades of smart, fearless legal representation to injured motorists and passengers across Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton and the entire Hampton Roads area.

Montagna Klein Camden lawyers know the law inside out, and we’ll stand up to the insurance companies when they try to diminish your injuries, pain and suffering. With offices in downtown Norfolk and Newport News, our attorneys offer free personal injury consultation, and work tirelessly to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve to cover medical bills, vehicle damages, lost wages and more.

We don’t settle for less. Neither should you.

When our clients succeed, we succeed, and we make it a point to return your calls promptly, and use plain language to keep you on top of your case’s progress.

Retaining strong legal representation immediately following a vehicle crash not only helps you obtain the maximum settlement, it can speed up the repair and recovery process and help you prevent further injuries.

In a new report released in March, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 2.34 million Americans were injured in car accidents in 2014, a slight increase over the previous year. What those numbers don’t show, however, is that injuries from auto accidents can often take time to appear. Amid the stress and confusion following an accident, you may not even realize you were injured until hours or even days later.

If you’ve been hurt in a crash, don’t wait another minute. Call or contact Montagna Klein Camden for a free personal injury consultation, and secure your interests with smart, fearless, fully engaged legal representation you can trust.

Contact us or call toll free today at 877.622.8100.

Montagna Law

Welcome to the Family

Call Montagna Klein Camden To Get Results

‘Let us make you an offer you can’t refuse.’

Within the Montagna Klein Camden family, we know crime inside and out, just like the law. When you’re searching for a smart, tough, aggressive lawyer in Norfolk, Newport News or Virginia Beach, there’s only one wise choice. Call a Montagna Klein Camden attorney, and put your case to sleep with the fishes.

Our lawyers are skilled, experienced and eager to fight for your rights. You won’t need to choose a side, accept a bad offer or call in any favors. All you need to do is make one phone call, to schedule your free legal consultation with a knowledgeable Montagna Klein Camden attorney in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

We’ll take care of the rest.

So if you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another, hurt at work, or otherwise wronged by a person, group or company, don’t wait around. Call us today.

-Quotes from the movie ‘The Godfather’ are intended to be humorous and entertaining. Thanks for reading & call us today for your free legal consultation!

St. Patty

St. Patty’s Aftermath

Saint Patrick's Day Drinking

Top of the morning to you – unless it’s the morning after St. Patrick’s Day. Some folks find a pot of gold on St. Patrick’s Day, others find a jail cell, and others find themselves in the hospital. DUIs and subsequent injuries are woes commonly piled atop the inevitable hangover of March the 18th.

You can’t do much about the headache, but this year, save yourself some stress. If you  or a loved one were injured by a drunk or incapacitated driver during this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities, call a legal professional with experience. Call the attorneys at the Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

It’s never a good decision to drive home after a night of drinking green beer, and simply being on the streets during a holiday which is infamous for its alcohol consumption is risky. We know YOU’LL be safe, but there are so many folks who get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t.

If you or a loved one was unfortunately hit by a drunk driver you deserve compensation for any injuries or losses that were a result of the accident. Back and neck injuries or a wrecked car could turn your world upside down, especially if they cause you to miss work. We are tough on drunk drivers and will do everything we can to make sure that you or your loved one is represented and gets the most compensation possible. Don’t let an accident ruin your life. Call our personal injury lawyers today.

If you do drink this year, play it safe. Utilize one of the many available options for transportation. With the entire world a mere tap away from your fingers, it’s never been easier to call up a ride. Uber, Lyft, the Tide or the public buses are always a better choice than getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Should the worst occur, and you or a loved one are injured by a drunk driver, contact the attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk for your free legal consultation.


The Many Faces of Personal Injury

The Many Faces of Personal Injury

Personal Injury is a broad term, which can include numerous types of accidents and incidents, and can occur at any time. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm are familiar with the many faces and forms that personal injury cases can take. Regardless of how it tries to hide or disguise itself, our skilled personal injury lawyers will sniff it out.

The Face of Personal Injury

The Negligent Stranger: If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another person, or worse, a faceless corporation, then you’ve got a personal injury case. Your injury does not need to be physical or even visible; emotional distress can be just as damaging as bruises and broken bones. Negligence can be accidental or intentional, and can include a broad array of incidents.

The Liability: A defective product can be dangerous, and that product’s manufacturer is in big trouble when you bring your product liability case to the attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in downtown Norfolk, VA. These liabilities blend in, looking like everyone else, while concealing potentially dangerous secrets. They hide in plain sight, and strike when you least expect it.

The Transporter: Planes, trains, automobiles and ships; there is no mode of transportation where this master of disguise can’t find you. Truck and auto accidents are just a short drive away whenever you get behind the wheel, and the risk of injury only increases as the vehicle grows larger and more elaborate. Statistically speaking, everyone will likely encounter this visage of personal injury, at some point in life. When you do, call in your free legal consultation from the personal injury professionals at Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

Departure: If the unspeakable happens, and someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful death case, know that you do have options. Although we can’t turn back time, we’ll stay by your side every step of the way. We will fight those who have stolen from you that which is most precious and invaluable, so that you can grieve in peace, and begin to heal.

A Montagna Klein Camden attorney is a rare breed, one who will both fight for and protect you during the sensitive process of filing and pursuing your lawsuit. We understand that you’ve been through a painful and life-changing experience, and we’ve got the skills and knowledge to help. Let us fight in your corner, to get you the compensation you deserve, and prevent the guilty parties from injuring anyone else.

Contact us today for your free personal injury consultation at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk, Virginia.

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