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After an injury, when you’re at your most vulnerable, you’re likely to be bombarded by phone calls from insurance companies, the defendant’s legal team and legal officials. Insurance companies know that in your injured, medicated and confused state, you run the the risk of saying something that may hurt or even destroy your chances of winning your case. If you are already injured, it’s critical that you work with a team who will protect you and your interests as soon as possible, to control the flow of information and secure the evidence. The team at Montagna Law has been battling Employer’s lawyers, big trucking firms and major shipping entities for decades – we know what it takes to secure a settlement that will keep you and your family stable.

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Don’t Wait to File Your Claim

If you’ve been injured on the job, don’t wait to contact a lawyer. Many cases have a statute of limitations, which means that if you don’t file a case within a certain window of time, it may be too late for you to receive compensation for your injuries.

Some types of cases with strict time restraints include:

Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act

Worker’s Compensation

Jones Act

Defense Base Act

Hearing Loss

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