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Montagna Law is a full-service personal injury law firm serving Chesapeake, Virginia for over 50 years. The firm concentrates on personal injury including car accidents or other incidences, worker’s compensation, social security or disability, and family law such as divorce or child custody. 

The personal injury attorneys at Montagna Law are dedicated to the highest standards of legal research and advocacy. Our values have made us a great pick for clients seeking counsel on matters of all sizes. 

We attribute our success as a personal injury law firm in Chesapeake, Virginia to the experience and talent of our team of attorneys and to our philosophy of providing one-on-one attention and solutions to our society. No two cases are the same so we go into every new case ready to listen to our clients, learn what they need, and create an effective plan to achieve their goals. 

Our attorneys help you through the most difficult situations and provide answers that will help you through the entire legal process. We keep our clients informed the entire time we work with them.

  • “I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your services in assisting veterans with their Social Security disability claims and compensation. As a veteran that has used your services, I’m very appreciative of the resolution of my claim and would highly recommend your law firm to all veterans. You are a great asset to veterans of the Hampton Roads, Virginia area and have my highest recommendations.”

    Arthur Brown, Jr.
  • “When I was hurt on the job, I went to Montagna Klein Camden for help. To this day, I am still being paid bi-weekly from the injuries that I sustained on the job and I will be paid for life. They also got me Social Security benefits and helped me with my pension. My wife and I are set for life. “

    Harum Lamas and Hannah Faulk
  • “I was injured at work and was unable to work for quite a while. I really didn’t think the situation could be resolved due to issues with Workers’ Compensation. Due to their exceptional knowledge of Maritime Law, along with a lot of hard work, I was able to win my case. I would highly recommend Greg Camden and his law firm to any of my family, friends and co-workers.”

    Joseph Wilkins
  • “I retained Mr. Gregory Camden of Montagna Klein Camden, LLP to represent me after I had a life-threatening accident at work. He has been working on my behalf for over a year and he has been a professional, aggressive, stay on top of things attorney. He keeps me informed every step of the way. Once this case is resolved, if in the future I have need for counsel, Mr. Camden will be my first call.”

  • “Dear Mr. Camden, I would like to thank you and your staff for the speedy resolution of my hearing loss claim. In addition, my employer is also responsible for medical treatment including payment for my hearing aids. Again, thank you for your representation and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

    Steve Tarkenton
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The Attorneys at Montagna Law Are Always Here For You

Our team of personal injury lawyers has been serving Chesapeake and the entirety of Hampton Roads for over 50 years. We do this by getting excellent legal results for our clients and treating each and every one of them with compassion and respect throughout the process. Your personal injury attorney will always be available to speak to you about your claim and keep you informed and in the know.

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