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Child Support and Spousal Support

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166286138Many of the most challenging issues surrounding a divorce come down to money and property. These two things, if not handled properly, can greatly delay the resolution of your divorce. It is important to obtain the representation of an experienced family law attorney during a divorce. At the law firm of Montagna Klein Camden, we help people throughout Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Tidewater, Virginia, resolve disputes they have about property division, child support and spousal support.

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Helping You Resolve Child Support Disputes

There are few areas as straightforward during a divorce than disputes about child support. This is not to say that controversies do not arise about a parent’s obligations concerning a child. But the court uses the state’s child support guidelines to calculate child support based on both parents’ gross incomes and the number of children they have.

There are a number of issues that can arise during a divorce that make child support more difficult to determine. Issues related to a child’s education, special needs, children from other marriages and other issues are best resolved with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

You may wish to visit the Virginia Department of Social Services to estimate the child support amount.

Protecting Your Interests in Disputes About Spousal Support

Unlike child support, the courts do not have to follow statutorily defined guidelines when awarding spousal support, sometimes called alimony or spousal maintenance. Courts do use a variety of factors when considering spousal support like a party’s need, a party’s ability to pay, length of the marriage, education, age, health and property division. In order for you to obtain the fairest settlement possible, it is best to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you.  At the law firm of Montagna Klein Camden, we can answer your questions regarding WHAT IS SPOUSAL SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE?

Besides determining how much spousal support a spouse must pay following a divorce, the court must also determine the best method to divide marital property. All marital property is subject to equitable distribution by the court, which means what is fair, not necessarily what is equal.

We will help you resolve issues related to property classifications, marital property, separate property, hybrid property, military pensions, inheritances and retirement plans.

One of the best ways to protect yourself during a child support, spousal support or property division dispute is to hire an experienced family law attorney. To learn more about your divorce, contact the law office of Montagna Klein Camden for a free initial consultation.

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