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10 Visual Clues Observed by Police Before a Traffic Stop

| Jon Montagna | ,

Imagine you are driving on on a Saturday night at 11:00 p.m..  You see a car driving erratically.  You wonder if that person is driving his vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Police officers are well trained to observe the operation of vehicles before initiating a stop.  Police officers must have a reasonable basis to stop the operator of the vehicle.  However, they do not need probable cause to stop the driver.

Here are the 10 most frequently used visual detection clues observed by the police before initiating a stop for suspected DUI are the following:

1.  Weaving

2.   Swerving

3.  A near collision

4.  Unexpected speed  increases and decreases

5.   Driving below the posted speed limit

6.   Stopping vehicle in lane of travel for no reason

7.  Driving without headlights at night

8.  Driving wrong way down a one way street

9.   Very wide turns

10.  Improper lane change

If you or a family member has had too much to drink,  please do not drink and drive.  You can call a cab and retrieve your vehicle the next day or call a tow truck to bring your car home and ride with the driver. Remember be safe by keeping everyone safe.

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