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Anthony L. Montagna III recently joined the law firm of Montagna Klein Camden in downtown Norfolk, following his father’s passing. Anthony continues to practice the same areas of law and is available to represent both his former clients and new clients at Montagna Klein Camden, LLC.

For decades, people have sought out the advice of the attorneys at the Norfolk, Virginia law firm of Montagna Klein Camden, L.L.P. We have helped countless people resolve a variety of legal disputes throughout Virginia.

To sit down and speak to an accomplished lawyer about your legal options and your rights, contact us. We offer free initial consultations.

Helping You Solve Your Legal Problems

We are a team, determined to get you and your family the best results possible in your family law, criminal law or personal injury matter.

Family Law: Our firm is ready to handle your divorce, child support and spousal support questions, child custody and visitation, property division and other family law concerns.

Criminal Law : We are experienced criminal defense lawyers who have defended countless people against a variety of criminal charges. We are conveniently located near the city courthouse in Norfolk, Virginia. Contact us if you have been charged with a crime such as robbery, burglary, theft, domestic assault, assault, battery, rape, murder or possession of drugs.

DUI and Serious Traffic Offenses : We provide aggressive and dedicated criminal defense for criminal charges related to DUI, reckless driving, and other traffic violations.

Personal Injury: If the actions of another seriously injured you or a family member, contact us. Our law firm is capable of representing you in personal injury, wrongful death and Social Security Disability claims throughout Virginia.

If you were hurt in a car accident, harmed by medical malpractice or affected by another type of accident, you most likely have very little money to spend on an attorney. In personal injury claims, you will not need to pay us attorney’s fees unless we collect money for you. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Military Personnel Welcome

Many times, members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marines come in to speak to us about a criminal law, family law (such as military divorce) or a personal injury concern.

Attorney Anthony L Montagna, III learned from working with his father, a Navy JAG, for 20 years. He’s familiar with the particular complications military personnel face when resolving disputes. He has successfully resolved disputes for military members at the Norfolk Naval Base, Little Creek, Oceana Air Station, Norfolk Air Station and Langley Air Force Base.

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