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Common Workers Compensation Cases

| Jon Montagna |

Workplace injuries are a serious issue, and it can feel like you against the world. Your employer, their insurer and their attorneys may try to compensate you with insufficient funds or refuse to admit responsibility at all, leaving you hurt, out of work and feeling helpless.

Don’t let those in power push you around. You’ve been wronged, and you have every right to seek medical care and financial compensation. Call the aggressive and persistent attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk and Newport News, VA when you need a fighter in your corner.

Although a workplace injury can happen to anyone at anytime, and no two cases are exactly alike, there are a few workers compensation claims that are more frequent than others. Take a look at our list of common workers compensation cases, and call us at 757-622-8100 for a free legal consultation if you’ve been hurt while at work.

I Work Too Hard.Injured on the job

Overexertion is the number one cause of workplace injury. Pulled muscles and strained joints are frequently experienced while on the job at factories and construction sites, as well as other workplaces requiring physical labor.

You were hurt working hard, but now your boss won’t pay for your medical expenses. Don’t let them take advantage of your hard work, then leave you high and dry. Contact Montagna Klein Camden to schedule your free legal consultation today to make them pay.

That Was Close!

Bodily Reaction can be bittersweet. Slipping or tripping while managing not to fall down can still result in an injury, with serious consequences. Twisted ankles, sprained joints and other painful injuries can become a real problem. These are truly unavoidable, and can strike at any time, in any profession.

You thought you’d avoided the worst, but then the aftershock hit. If you’ve experienced bodily reaction while at work, don’t wait another day. Call a Montagna Klein Camden attorney today and we’ll discuss your case and how to get justice.

What Was That?

Being Struck by an object can happen at any occupation, and can vary in severity. Whether you work in an office, restaurant, retail store or on a construction site, you’re nearly always at risk of something falling from a shelf or being dropped from above.

There was no way to see it coming, but now you’re hurt and nobody will help. Contact the workers compensation attorneys at Montagna Law to stand up for what’s right, and get the financial rewards that you deserve.

On The Road Again.

Vehicular Collisions while on the clock are a frequent workers compensation case. Truck drivers, police officers and traveling businessmen & women are at a high risk for car accidents while working.

You went to the ends of the earth, but they won’t go to the bank. Don’t let your employer take you for a ride. Contact the Virginia workers compensation lawyers at Montagna Law Firm to take back the wheel and get what’s yours.

Man & Machine.

Technology has changed a lot of things in our world, including the ways in which workers are injured while on the job. Factories and construction sites often employ the use of complex, heavy duty machinery, which can crush, mutilate or paralyze those working nearby. Such equipment is often neglected when it comes to maintenance, and training for employees is usually minimal. We’ve seen it before. You were doing your job but the equipment wasn’t up to snuff, or nobody took the time to properly coach you through the controls. You put your trust in them, and they broke it. Trust our Norfolk workers compensation lawyers to fight for your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

As the most common workplace injuries, there are of course many more. If you’ve been injured on the job in any way, call the workers compensation attorneys at the Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm in Norfolk or Newport News, Virginia.

We’ll stand for you, with you, and by your side every step of the way.

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