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Craziest Lawsuits of 2015

| Jon Montagna |

Montagna-Law-Police-On-Toy-BikesAs 2015 fades into the past and we settle into 2016, it becomes easier to look back with clarity. Some things that seemed routine at the time now seem brighter and special somehow; perspectives shift; things change; and some of those things that were not so funny then might make you chuckle a little now.

In this spirit, Montagna Klein Camden in downtown Norfolk, VA invites you to join us in looking back at the most ridiculous legal battles of 2015.

Craziest Lawsuits of 2015:

  1. A woman tried to pull the old “hot coffee burned me!” trick on McDonald’s, suing for $10,00. She provided photos of the 2nd degree burns her hand received when she was handed a coffee cup with an unsecured lid. As the insurance company reviewed the claims, they noticed something odd: the photograph of the woman’s hand was from a hospital’s website. They then contacted her medical provider and learned that she had not been treated for burns recently.
    -Her entire claim was fake, downloaded off the internet, proving that even in adulthood, it pays to do your homework. She was not awarded the cash, and was instead charged with 21 felonies and worker’s compensation fraud.
  2. Regardless of how you feel about the actress, most people chose to side with Mila Kunis when a childhood friend resurfaced in 2015 and promptly sued her. The Ukranian singer claimed that Kunis had stolen her pet chicken 25 years previously, and demanded $5,000 for her emotional suffering.
    -Kunis fought the charges, stating that she “would never steal someone else’s chicken!” The singer eventually dropped the charges after her therapist “taught her how to forgive.”
  3. Anheuser Busch purchased Beck’s beer in 2012, and moved production of the beverage from Germany to the United States. Unfortunately, the company neglected to disclose the fact that the German-made beer was no longer being made in Germany, and got sued by a trio of lifelong Beck’s drinkers (without receipts).
    -The Class Action lawsuit brewed up $3.5 million for the lawyers who filed the suit, while anyone claiming to have purchased Beck’s beer from 2012 – 2015 is able to receive a $50 refund.

CaptureWe hope you’ve enjoyed these silly, wacky, ridiculous lawsuits of not-so-long-ago 2015. We at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk, Virginia hope you never find yourself the target of a crazy lawsuit, but if you do, contact us.

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