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Hearts & Minefields

Hearts-MinefieldsEach year, February brings hearts of candy, paper and chocolate. Flower sales skyrocket, restaurants fill tables faster than they can answer phones and love is generally in the air. For many, the fourteenth of February is a time of celebration, whether of romance or the single life. For some, it’s a less-than-happy time, casting a harsh light on past decisions and mistakes.

Whatever your relationship status this year, chances are good that you’ll come close to some sort of legal love issue. Trust the experienced lawyers at Montagna Law in Norfolk to help guide you through the minefield of Valentine’s Day. Happy fourteenth!

A few common & complicated matters of the heart that arise on Valentine’s day:

  1. Getting engaged. This is obviously the big one, and, one would think, the least problematic. Potentially the most romantic moment of your life, and also the last uncomplicated one. If you haven’t read our post on engagement and conditional gifts from last year, take a look. You may be surprised to learn that just because the ring has been handed over on bended knee, it’s not necessarily a “done deal.”
  2. Getting divorced. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the national day of love throws into sharp relief everything that one’s partner is not, leading to quite a few divorces on the big day. Regardless of how strong your emotions this year, it’s important to remember not to say things you might regret if you do decide to file for divorce. Always consult a lawyer before making significant legal decisions. Montagna Law offers free legal consultations to all, so stop by and let us help you out.
  3. Revenge Porn. In the digital age, anything and everything can and will end up on the internet, where it lives forever. It’s no surprise that in the aftermath of many a messy breakup, personal and revealing photos are finding their way online. In a new trend dubbed “revenge porn,” exes get even by posting compromising photos of their former lovers online in a form of public humiliation. If you suspect that you or a loved one may be a victim of this illegal and offensive practice, contact the attorneys at Montagna Law for your free consultation.
  4. Digital Dating. With more and more folks turning to their smart phones to find love, it makes sense that the rules of dating would change. There are numerous apps tailored to finding romance quickly, and reviews both positive and negative. The biggest downside to dating apps is the lack of privacy. As users enter personal information in hopes of enticing a viable partner, very few consider the fact that the information is now permanently “out there.” Your data will more than likely be sold and used against you in relentless sales schemes and ads. Be cautious when sharing any information online, and contact your Montagna Law attorney if you’re concerned about your privacy.
  5. Office Romances. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You spend 40 hours a week with a group of people, you work the same hours and you presumably have the common interest of your professional industry. You’re a team, working together and supporting one another. It’s not surprising that so many folks dip into the office dating scene, nor is it surprising that it often causes problems. Employers are able to change the workplace rules about office relationships at any time, so make certain to familiarize yourself with existing policies before diving in.

We hope you feel better equipped now to deal with the legal minefield that is Valentine’s day, and that you’ll call Montagna Law in Norfolk if you fall victim to one of these V-Day pitfalls. Our experienced attorneys are ready and waiting to fight for your case. Call for your free legal consultation today.

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