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Injury Risks That Private Contractors Face Overseas

| Jon Montagna |

Getting contracted to do work for the US government can be a great and rewarding opportunity for you and your company that has been contracted out. These jobs usually pay well, they are often fulfilling and it gives you an opportunity to broaden your horizons.

These jobs, however, do include many risks that you may not face while working in the US. All private contractors for the military are required to be covered for worker’s compensation under the Defense Base Act. This is because a work place accident, no matter what country it occurs in, should be covered by your employer. The risks that private contractors take on overseas are numerous and varied depending on the work.

Private Contractors on Military Base

The US Military has bases all over the world, and often hires out help from private contractors to perform various types of maintenance throughout the base. This includes mechanics, electricians, delivery men, translators and other services to help our service men and women. These jobs have their own inherent risks. A mechanic working with heavy machinery is always at risk for something to go wrong and become injured, and an electrician working with wiring and systems they are not as familiar with are at risk for electrocution and burns. In 2004, a contracted out truck driver from Abilene Texas was injured when his supply convoy was ambushed by insurgents. He was left with a shattered leg and was diagnosed with PTSD. The driver has spent years fighting Insurance Provider AIG, to be fully compensated for his injuries.

There is also the added risk of being in unstable regions for many bases. In these regions, fighting could break out at the base at any time and an injury from this to an unsuspecting private contractor is a real threat. No matter how a private contractor becomes injured they could be eligible for workers compensation under the Defense Base Act.

Private Contractors Providing Relief Overseas

When disaster strikes other areas of the world, the US will hire out private contractors to go to these regions to help with the disaster relief efforts. These regions often hire out private security contractors to keep the peace since the police force and military of the area are either heavily diminished or are occupied doing other tasks related to disaster relief. These contractors are tasked with keeping the peace in these regions which can lead to conflict and injury.

The US also contracts out many people to deliver supplies to these regions. This job may not seem inherently dangerous, but when disaster strike a region like the Tsunami in Japan in 2011, the entire area and infrastructure becomes dangerous. Buildings falling apart, pot holes and debris cover the roads you need to drive on to deliver the supplies to the people in need. A number of dangers arise in a crises region like this. If you are injured while providing relief to a disaster area while being contracted by the US government, know that injuries occurred while performing the work can be covered under the Defense Base Act.

Contact a Defense Base Act Attorney

If you have been privately contracted out by the US government and have been injured on the job, contact Montagna Klein Camden today. We will work with your employer and insurance company to make sure you are fully compensated for your injury and the losses associated with it.



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