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Red Light Laws

Every day, your life is affected by them. You are constantly under their watchful eye, in danger of one misstep, one slip-up, because you know that if they find you, they’ll make you pay.

Although everybody knows about the existence of red light traffic cameras, most people don’t spare a second thought for them after they’ve reached their destination. But red light traffic cameras are here to stay, and as such, we should all learn some basic information about them.

Luckily for you, the legal professionals at Montagna Law are here to lay down the light laws.

  • Does the red light traffic camera record all the time?
    • No. The cameras only record when a vehicle has crossed into the intersection.
  • What if the light changes to red while I’m in the intersection?
    • You will not be penalized for entering the intersection until 0.5 seconds after the traffic light has turned red.
  • What if I turn right on red at a red light traffic camera intersection?
    • As long as you come to a complete stop at each red light before your turn, you should be just fine.
  • Who determines whether a violation has occurred in the videos recorded by red light traffic cameras?
    • The footage is reviewed by a sworn police officer.
    • Approximately 40% of the videos reviewed are deemed violations.
  • What happens if an Emergency vehicle or funeral procession runs a red light?
    • Special circumstances will be dismissed by reviewing officer.
    • Violations generated by Emergency vehicles will be reviewed by officer.
  • What kind of penalties will I receive for running a traffic light that is monitored by a traffic camera?
    • You will receive a Civil Penalty fine of $50. You may receive 3 photos of your offense as well as a citation in the mail, depending upon the status of the information you have on file at the DMV.
    • The traffic offense will NOT be reported to the DMV or insurance companies, and does NOT count as a probation violation.
  • What can I do to contest my fine?
    • Call Montagna Law first to schedule your free consultation.
    • Visit to view the video of your traffic violation.
    • Request a hearing at your local General District Court.

And for any other auto accident or personal injury issues, don’t hesitate to contact the law firm of Montagna Law and schedule your free consultation today.

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