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Snow Day Rules

| Jon Montagna |

CaptureWe all remember snow days as a kid: waking up to see the ground covered with smooth white powder; the official cancellation of school; hours of sledding, snow-angels, snow-ball fighting and finally collapsing in front of a steamy mug of hot cocoa, exhausted but exhilarated.

Those days were wonderful, and should be cherished forever. But those days are over.

As an adult, work is rarely cancelled. And when it is, there is an entire avalanche of legalese following swiftly behind. Did you work from home, did your boss cancel – or did you decide not to risk the drive, etc. We at Montagna Klein Camden are here with answers to all your hardest-hitting snow-balling questions. So sit back with a steamy mug of coffee (pretend it’s hot cocoa) and prepare for the snow!

There is federal statute called the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), also known as the “Wages and Hours Bill,” which was passed in 1938. This statute set forth such crowd-pleasers as: the forty-hour work-week, minimum wage and the rules of Overtime. Also included in this bill, although not worded as such, are the Snow Day Rules.

Snow Day Rules:

1. If the employer closes the workplace because of inclement weather, all employees must receive full compensation for the time that they would otherwise (probably) have been working.

2. If the employer does NOT close the workplace, but an employee decides not to come in that day, then that employee does not receive compensation for that day (unless they worked from home).

So, if your work is closed tomorrow, you are entitled to a full day’s pay. Should your employer refuse to compensate you, contact the lawyers of Montagna Klein Camden (although we can’t promise we’ll be open tomorrow!)

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