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Social Media Faux Pas

It is the year 2015, a time when most of us expected to be flying to work in our hover-cars, vacationing on the moon and just generally having the answers for everything.

Of course, none of that has happened quite yet. We do, however, have access to any person in any area of the world, at any time, with the tap of a finger. Social media may seem like a fad; the shiniest, newest bandwagon for the kids to jump on. It may seem like an under-utilized tool, something that could improve education, communication in the work place, and maybe even make us better as human beings. Despite all of these wonderful potential uses, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are generally used for entertainment purposes (#pizzanight, #Patriotswin, #etc.)

But what happens when your innocent post (#atthemovies) lands you in deep trouble?

Let’s face it: everyone is on social media to some extent. Even if your boss never posts, tweets, pins or trends, he or she may still log on now and then. And that’s where lots of folks are diving head-first into some piping hot water.

Outside of those little everyday white lies (#mycatissick #sorrynotsorry), there are some real dangers to avoid, particularly if you’re currently involved in a lawsuit. Just the simplest update can unravel your entire defense and leave you with no compensation for your case. We often don’t realize how much we post, or how revealing the content can be. When undergoing legal proceedings it’s usually best practice to suspend all social media activity.

Hey. We’re serious.

When involved in any sort of legal undertaking, you would do well to abstain from all posting, updating, tweeting and blogging. Any slight, seemingly insignificant piece of information may be the undoing of your entire case. For example: You’ve been in an accident and are suing for medical compensation. Things are looking good…until the defense attorney notices that just an hour before the wreck, you posted a status update saying ‘Happy Hour Drinks with BFFs!’

Guess what? Your case is probably ruined.

Additionally, refrain from uploading photos.  For example: You’ve injured your back at work. During your time off recovering, a neighbor asks for your help recycling some old cardboard boxes. Someone snaps a picture as you carry out the empty box that boasts ’50” Flat Screen,’ and that someone uploads the photo to Facebook before you can say ‘I object!’

Even though you know that the box is empty you have no way of proving it.

Just as you may ‘research’ an attractive acquaintance or ‘check up on’ a potential employee; opposing lawyers, insurance agents and police officers can and will look you up if given a reason. Take the advice offered here by the legal professionals at Montagna Law, and hold off on posting. Tell your friends, family and neighbors that you refuse to be uploaded until the case is finished. And for all your legal needs, whether personal injury, workers compensation, social security disability, family law, or traffic, DUI & criminal law, call the attorneys you trust – Call Montagna Law in Norfolk today.

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