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Social Media & Your Job

| Jon Montagna |

493533923If you’re actively searching for a job these days, you know how tough it is out there. As more and more people are able to acquire higher education, employers are more choosy than ever. Searching for a job is full time work all by itself, so when you find an opportunity, you hold on for dear life.

But what happens when you find that dream job you’ve been searching for, and your potential employer asks for your social media credentials? (Hint: You call a Montagna Klein Camden attorney for a free legal consultation!)

You’ve probably heard about it happening, and you’ve probably had a strong opinion about it. As social media grows in reach and popularity, more and more people are considering it the best way to get to know others. But when it comes to the workplace, should business and social mix?

It’s generally a good idea to abstain from posting negative or personal comments about your work and co-workers, and it’s a personal decision whether or not you want to accept that friend request from your boss. But after a widespread movement of employers asking current and potential employees for social media log-in information, states have begun taking matters into their own hands.

Most states seem to agree that your profile is personal, and over 20 laws have been passed since 2012, regulating this issue. Virginia state law now states that:

Status: March 23, 2015; Signed by Governor. Chapter 576.
Prohibits an employer from requiring, requesting, or causing a current or prospective employee to disclose the username and password to a the current or prospective employee’s social media account; prohibits an employer from requiring an employee to add an employee, a supervisor, or an administrator to the list or contacts associated with the employee’s social media account or changing the privacy settings.”

Good to know! If you or someone you know is asked to hand over social media credentials to a current or potential employer, contact the legal professionals at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk, Virginia for your free legal consultation.


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