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Summer Street Safety

Road safety is a shared responsibility, especially in Hampton Roads during the summer. Pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists and bicyclists all share a mutual obligation to keep the roads safe. Whether you’re a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, we’re all in this together.

If you or someone you love is hit by an automobile this summer, call the Personal Injury attorneys at Montagna Law in Norfolk and Newport News. We can help fight to get you the medical treatment and financial compensation you deserve. Call us for a free legal consultation to learn more about your rights and potential rewards.

Let Montagna Law help you navigate the mean streets this summer with our tips and tricks for summer safety. Stay cool and stay safe!

As a Driver:

  1. PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE. It’s not worth your life, or anyone else’s. It can wait.
  2. BUCKLE UP. Why take a chance?
  3. Get settled before you put the car in drive. Rather than hitting the road only to realize your parking pass is in the backseat, take a moment before you leave to think about where you’re going and what you’ll need. If you know you’re going to stop for fast food, set your wallet on the seat beside you. If you always play music through your phone, plug it in and choose your playlist before you reverse out of anywhere.
  4. If you’re making a long trip, stop regularly to stretch, eat, drink and take care of yourself. If you stay cramped up in that car for too long, you could lose focus or even fall asleep. Even if only for five minutes, pull over and walk around to shake yourself out of the monotony.
  5. Share the road. When a cyclist is near you on the road, give them an extra few seconds with your signal on before changing lanes, merging, etc. Their vehicles are smaller and more vulnerable than yours, and a small bump could result in extensive injuries, or even death. A few moments’ hesitation on your part could save a life.
  6. Summer storms can strike Hampton Roads suddenly. If you’re on the roads when one of these gusty, drizzly storms hits, you may want to flip on your hazard lights and pull over. Other drivers will likely be doing the same, and visibility can decrease drastically without warning. Luckily, such fury seldom rages for long. You’ll be back on your way in no time.

As a Pedestrian:

  1. PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE. Would you cross a tightrope with your eyes shut? Then don’t cross the street while texting.
  2. Exercise caution when it comes to headphones. You can’t be completely aware of your surroundings if you can’t hear what’s happening around you. Turn down the volume, pop out one earbud, or both.
  3. Be visible, be alert. Stay in view of traffic during the day, when traveling on sidewalks or waiting to cross streets. At night, wear light or reflective clothing and stick to more well-lit areas.
  4. Never assume that a car will slow, stop or wait for you. Even if you’re pretty sure they saw you, wait an extra moment. Try to make eye contact with the driver, and be certain that your path is safe before setting foot off that sidewalk.
  5. Be wary of alcohol. Approximately half of all pedestrian crashes involve alcohol in some capacity, and of those, the pedestrian was the one who had been drinking 34% of the time. If you’re drinking and walking, we applaud you for not driving, but remind you that it is still risky. Stay on the sidewalk, and if possible, with friends or family who are not drinking.

As a Parent:

Teenagers are already the most likely drivers to get into an accident, but during the summer months, the roads are positively deadly for teens aged 15 – 19. All kids are out of school, other inexperienced teen drivers are learning the ropes on the same pavement as your child, and they’re all pretty focused on that little screen in their pockets. Start your teen’s driving career off on the right foot; teach them good, safe habits now and avoid the pain, heartache and expense of auto accidents later.

The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is a particularly risky place during summer. Vacationers crowd the streets with their SUVs and motorhomes, while locals swarm the sidewalks and beaches in droves. With all of those people and all of that movement, the boardwalk becomes a hotbed for danger.

Contact Montagna Law today if you or someone you love has been injured by a careless, reckless or distracted driver. Let us make it right.

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