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The Many Faces of Personal Injury

Personal Injury is a broad term, which can include numerous types of accidents and incidents, and can occur at any time. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Montagna Law Firm are familiar with the many faces and forms that personal injury cases can take. Regardless of how it tries to hide or disguise itself, our skilled personal injury lawyers will sniff it out.

The Face of Personal Injury

The Negligent Stranger: If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another person, or worse, a faceless corporation, then you’ve got a personal injury case. Your injury does not need to be physical or even visible; emotional distress can be just as damaging as bruises and broken bones. Negligence can be accidental or intentional, and can include a broad array of incidents.

The Liability: A defective product can be dangerous, and that product’s manufacturer is in big trouble when you bring your product liability case to the attorneys at Montagna Law in downtown Norfolk, VA. These liabilities blend in, looking like everyone else, while concealing potentially dangerous secrets. They hide in plain sight, and strike when you least expect it.

The Transporter: Planes, trains, automobiles and ships; there is no mode of transportation where this master of disguise can’t find you. Truck and auto accidents are just a short drive away whenever you get behind the wheel, and the risk of injury only increases as the vehicle grows larger and more elaborate. Statistically speaking, everyone will likely encounter this visage of personal injury, at some point in life. When you do, call in your free legal consultation from the personal injury professionals at Montagna Law Firm in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

Departure: If the unspeakable happens, and someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful death case, know that you do have options. Although we can’t turn back time, we’ll stay by your side every step of the way. We will fight those who have stolen from you that which is most precious and invaluable, so that you can grieve in peace, and begin to heal.

A Montagna Law attorney is a rare breed, one who will both fight for and protect you during the sensitive process of filing and pursuing your lawsuit. We understand that you’ve been through a painful and life-changing experience, and we’ve got the skills and knowledge to help. Let us fight in your corner, to get you the compensation you deserve, and prevent the guilty parties from injuring anyone else.

Contact us today for your free personal injury consultation at Montagna Law in Norfolk, Virginia.

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