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Worker’s Compensation

| Jon Montagna |

Injured on the job?
Don’t go it alone. We can help.

For a system designed to ensure that workers get fair compensation for their injuries, Worker’s Compensation cases sure seem to tilt the other way sometimes.

There are long forms to fill out and tight deadlines to meet, medical evidence to document and the big insurance companies’ team of highly paid attorneys ready to fight you for every nickel.

Should you hire an attorney? As attorneys, we’re a bit biased. But consider this: Montagna Klein Camden attorneys do not get paid unless you win. You have nothing to lose and your livelihood to regain.

If you’ve been injured on the job, or if your worker’s compensation case has already been denied, call us for a free consultation. Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of injured workers in Virginia and North Carolina. We also offer years of successful experience in Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation cases.

If you’re not sure whether to appeal a denied claim, or if your employer offered you a settlement that doesn’t cover your medical expenses and lost income, call us.

If you feel you have been retaliated against by your employer for simply filing a worker’s compensation claim, call us. We can help. There is no obligation whatsoever.

During your free consultation, our attorneys can offer strong advice on the merits of your case, and help you understand what kind of compensation you could be receiving, given your injuries, and what you can expect from your employer’s insurance company moving forward. We have included answers to many commonly asked questions here.

Remember that employers, insurance companies and their lawyers have been through this process many times over. Chances are you have not. And they know it.

Don’t let any employer minimize your injuries, pain or suffering, or intimidate you into stepping back from a claim or appeal. The Worker’s Compensation system was created to protect workers like you, not so employers can deny fair compensation to employees injured on the job.

If you do decide to have our attorneys represent you, know that Montagna Klein Camden will fight aggressively for your rights, guide you through the maze of red tape and paperwork and stand up to the big insurance companies. Don’t settle for less. Protect your livelihood and secure your interests with smart, fearless, fully engaged legal representation you can trust.

Contact us or call toll free today at 877-622-8100.

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