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Samantha Bull

Honestly, most people hope to never have lawyers involved in their lives.  The types of situations which necessitate attorney involvement are oftentimes stressful both mentally and emotionally.  That is why I believe that hiring and working with your attorney should be a simple process and that a connection with your attorney is important because that person will become a major part of your life during your legal matter. This is also why access to your attorney is so important.  

Most of my experience is in family law matters which allows me to balance the patience and compassion necessary when handling such issues with the often adversarial nature of these cases. My time as an attorney began at Legal Aid which gave me the experience and skills to transition to private practice.  

I have also been a life-long resident of the Southside of Hampton Roads which gives me a unique insight into this area.  I have appeared in Court in all seven cities of Hampton Roads as well as several of the surrounding cities.I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your legal matter. 

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