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Longshore Workers

If you’ve suffered a maritime injury, all you want to think about is getting better. But your health, your family and your livelihood still need to be protected.

Shipyard Workers

As a shipyard worker, you have a very dangerous job. Working in confined spaces with hazardous equipment, you serve a very important purpose: You construct and repair the ships our country’s economy depends on. And now, as the result of an injury or illness caused by your trade, you can no longer do the work that supports your family.


As an injured maritime worker who depends on physical ability, it’s critical that you be compensated fully for your loss.

Tug, Dredge & Barge Workers

Your job as a maritime worker is very dangerous, whether you’re inland or offshore. You face risks every day to make an honest living—and now you’re injured, out of work, and the bills are piling up.

Bridge, Tunnel & Bulkhead Construction

Working on bridges, tunnels, and bulkheads is a very dangerous job. You’ve worked with dedication and faced the risks every day to make an honest living. Now you’re injured, out of work, and your employer isn’t putting forth the effort to ensure you’re taken care of.

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