Bridge, Tunnel & Bulkhead Construction Injury Lawyers

Working on bridges, tunnels, and bulkheads is a very dangerous job. You’ve worked with dedication and faced the risks every day to make an honest living. Now you’re injured, out of work, and your employer isn’t putting forth the effort to ensure you’re taken care of

U-714Because your livelihood as a maritime construction worker depends on physical ability, it’s critical that you are compensated fully for your maritime injuries. Call the Jones Act lawyers of Montagna Klein Camden to discuss your rights to compensation under admiralty law.

What is the Jones Act and Who Does it Apply to?

State workers’ compensation programs usually do not apply to workers injured at sea. Fortunately, the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, commonly known as the Jones Act, was created to govern the rights of sailors and the use of foreign vessels in domestic trade.

The Jones Act is much less limiting than workers’ compensation. As a construction worker injured aboard a bulkhead, tunnel, or bridge the Jones Act allows you to seek damages for pain and suffering. This provides more adequately for an injured marine construction worker, making the value of your case much higher.

Jones Act Cases Can Result in Significant Awards

If you qualify for an award under the Jones Act, you may qualify for significant awards, including lost future earnings due to your injury, lost earnings while you were injured, medical expenses, retraining, and pain and suffering.

Even if fault cannot be proven, you may be eligible to receive payment for Maintenance and Cure. “Maintenance” refers to payments for accommodations—like food and lodging—that you would have received from your employer if you were not injured. “Cure” includes all medical care and treatment, including hospitalization and medical care required by the maritime injury.  The maritime law office of Montagna Klein Camden will make sure every negligent party pays for your injuries.

Determining your legal rights and maximizing your recovery can be complicated. Your employer and their insurance company may try to quickly reach a settlement. Although their offer may sound good at the time, it’s very important that you do not settle. Don’t sign anything until speaking with a Jones Act attorney from Montagna Klein Camden.

We represent injured or disabled workers on a contingency fee basis. This means that we don’t get paid unless you win. We’re very confident in our ability to get you the benefits you deserve.

For a free consultation to discuss your case, contact the admiralty law attorneys of Montagna Klein Camden at 877-622-8100. Time limitations apply to filing a claim. It’s important to get a lawyer involved early in the process to make sure important evidence is preserved. Maintain your rights — Call Now.

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