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Merchant Marine Act of 1920, “The Jones Act”

The following information is from the Cornell University School of Law

U.S. Code: Appendix to Title 46, Chapter 24: Merchant Marine Act, 1920

§ 861. Purpose and policy of United States
§ 864a. Purchase allowance in sale of vessels for cost of putting vessels in class
§ 864b. Elements considered in sale of vessels in determination of selling price
§ 865. Sale to aliens
§ 865a. Sale of inactive passenger vessels to foreigners; conditions; requisition in emergency; surety bond
§ 866. Establishment and operation of steamship lines between ports of United States
§ 867. Investigation of port, terminal, and warehouse facilities
§ 868. Vessels sold under deferred payment plan; insurance
§ 869. Creation of fund for insurance of interests of United States
§ 871. Repair and operation of vessels until sale
§ 872. Sale of property other than vessels
§ 875. Possession and control of terminal equipment and facilities
§ 876. Power of Secretary and Commission to make rules and regulations
§ 877. Coastwise laws extended to island Territories and possessions
§ 883. Transportation of merchandise between points in United States in other than domestic built or rebuilt and documented vessels; incineration of hazardous waste at sea
§ 883-1. Corporation as citizen; fisheries and transportation of merchandise or passengers between points in United States; parent and subsidiary corporations; domestic built vessels; certificate; surrender of documents on change in status
§ 883a. Reports required of United States vessels rebuilt abroad; penalty for failure to report; mitigation of penalty
§ 883b. Regulations
§ 884. Charges for transportation subject to interstate transportation provisions
§ 885. Association of marine insurance companies; application of antitrust laws
§ 887. Partial invalidity
§ 888. Definitions
§ 889. Short title

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