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Social Security Disability & Supplemental Security Income

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits are necessary to the well-being of many Americans.  However, Many SSD and SSI applicants are faced with denied claims and a host of nearly unanswerable questions when they first file a Social Security claim.  Fortunate Social Security Disability claimants turn to competent SSD and SSI lawyers, who appeal their claims.  Many who apply for SSD and SSI simply feel they have no recourse.  Social Security Claims are denied for a variety of reasons, and the reasons are often simply opinion.  Judges have different ideas about which SSD claims should be denied, or approved, and this creates a situation for claimants that requires the assistance of a Social Security attorney.  

According to the United States Government Accountability Office, allowance, or denial of Social Security Disability benefits “varied across judges, even after holding constant certain characteristics” (  The same government self-study on SSD benefits cites up to a 46% variation in judges’ rulings on Social Security awards.  This means that in nearly identical Social Security claim cases, different judges do not rule consistently to award SSD benefits.  Our legal system allows for interpretation by judges, but such a difference in Social Security Rulings poses a severe difficulty for SSD claimants.  

The process of appealing a Social Security Disability claim can be lengthy, and requires a lawyer to be highly successful.  In fact, it is ideal for anyone filing a claim to hire a lawyer before they begin the filing process.  The GAO explains through their intensive research on SSD claims, that “claimants who had representatives, such as an attorney… were allowed benefits at a rate nearly 3 times higher than those without representatives.”  This shows that the knowledge a highly qualified Social Security Disability attorney can bring to the table far outweighs many factors for consideration in SSD claims.  Attorney John H. Klein, of Montagna Klein Camden, LLP cites the frequent denial of both claims and appeals as something a lawyer should handle on behalf of the claimant.  SSD awards, according to Klein, may go through many denials, and an SSD attorney may have to see an appeal through “the appeals council and, after that, up to the Federal District Court.” 

Social Security Disability’s lengthy application process and even longer appeals processes are best handled by qualified SSD attorneys.  Social Security Claimants who are represented by SSD and SSI lawyers will have the highest chance of awards, and the most peace of mind through the processes of Social Security Disability claims and appeals. 

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