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Motorcycle Accidents
Our team has decades of experience helping clients in the Hampton Roads region.
A damaged motorcycle lies on the road in front of a white car with severe side damage. The scene appears to be an accident, with a person in a yellow reflective jacket standing nearby. The background shows a cloudy sky and an open area, suggesting a roadside location in Virginia.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Serving Suffolk

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and carefree way to get to your destination, but they are not designed to protect the rider in a collision. In Virginia, motorcyclists made up a little over 11 percent of all traffic fatalities despite their infrequency on roadways compared to cars.

The leading cause of motorcycle accidents showed that the driver did not perform any improper action in Virginia, meaning the other vehicle was not paying attention or did not see the motorcyclist.

Whether you get into a crash on I-664, Route 58, or Pruden Blvd., it is likely to result in serious injury or property damage. If your injury was the result of the negligence of another, the passionate motorcycle accident attorneys at Montagna Law are ready to provide you with sound legal advice and assist in getting you compensation. Call us today at (757) 622-8100.

Let us work on recovering compensation while you work on recovering from your injuries.

Call (877) 622-8100 or complete the online contact form to request a free consultation.

Let us work on recovering compensation while you work on recovering from your injuries.

Call (877) 622-8100 or complete the online contact form to request a free consultation.

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      What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Suffolk, Virginia?

      After a motorcycle accident, your first priority should be attending to your own health and safety. If the scene of an accident is unsafe, find a safe location immediately, then follow these steps:

      1. Check for injuries and seek medical care
      2. Collect the other party’s personal and insurance information
      3. Contact the police to assess the scene
      4. Take note and pictures of your location, your surroundings, and the time
      5. Call the personal injury lawyers at Montagna Law
      6. Notify your insurance carrier

      One of the most important calls you can make following a motorcycle accident is to one of our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys. This is a crucial step to ensuring that you receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses and compensation for damages that are harder to quantify, such as pain and suffering.

      Our motorcycle accident attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident and gather relevant evidence to pursue legal action. We are your strongest asset in filing a claim against the negligent party.

      What Are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Suffolk, Virginia?

      Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes occur frequently in the Hampton Roads area. Even sadder is that many bikers suffer injuries or fatalities that are totally preventable. The following are common causes of motorcycle accidents in Suffolk.

      Lane Changing

      Drivers not paying close attention when changing lanes or getting distracted and swerving in the lane they are already in can easily knock a motorcyclist off balance, causing injury or worse.

      Distracted Driving

      As a top cause of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S., distracted driving is a perpetual problem. Way too many people spend time texting, web surfing, fussing with GPS, eating, drinking, and other behaviors taking their eyes off the road. The National Safety Council reports more than 3,100 people die every year in distracted driving crashes.

      Reckless Driving

      Regrettably, too many drivers engage in reckless behavior on the road. It is unfortunately common for bikers to bear the brunt of these criticisms. The reality is other motorists are often the ones causing crashes, but insurance companies will try to pin contributory negligence on bikers. Reckless behaviors, such as speeding, breaking traffic laws, and DUI, cause motorcyclists to be injured.

      Poor Road Conditions

      It seems whenever you travel on a major roadway in Virginia there is always construction or other road conditions that can impact safety. Potholes, improper or lack of road markers, storm damage, uneven lanes, and loose gravel are top contributors to poor road conditions.


      Virginia motorists see all four seasons and must know how to navigate the heavy rains, winds, or even snow that the southeastern part of the state sees. Poor visibility is unfortunately common due to weather.

      Rear-End Collisions

      Bikers who are hit by cars and trucks from behind often suffer great injury and property damage, especially in truck accidents.

      Frequent Injuries Related to Suffolk Motorcycle Accidents


      Seventy-five percent of motorcycles involved in fatal collisions are struck in the front and eight percent in the rear, according to NHTSA data. Since motorcyclists do not have the protective elements a car or truck driver has, they are more likely to be injured, including the need for amputation. Unsurprisingly, in 2021, the injury rate for bikers was higher than for both cars and trucks.

      Road Rash

      Road rash is an injury commonly suffered by bikers because they hit the pavement during accidents. These often serious abrasions are caused by friction between the skin and the pavement. It can occur on any part of the body and be quite painful.


      Burns are injuries motorcyclists sometimes suffer in a crash, especially if a fire or explosion occurs. Road rash may also be categorized as a burn, since it is a friction burn.


      Broken bones and fractures are common and can create additional mobility issues. Victims can suffer swelling/bruising over bones, bone protrusions, deformities of limbs, and loss of function in affected body areas.

      Traumatic Brain Injury

      TBIs are a type of head injury that forever changes a victim’s life. No two brain injuries are the same, and the victim’s suffering may range from a concussion to loss of memory, movement, or executive functioning. TBIs can affect victims physically, cognitively, and emotionally, since the brain does not heal quite the same as other cells do.

      Spinal Injury

      Spinal injuries are often serious and can cause permanent injury. Victims suffering from spinal injuries can experience breathing problems, body numbness, muscle weakness, loss of voluntary muscle movements, and loss of bladder and bowel functions.

      Are You Required to Wear a Helmet While Riding a Motorcycle in Suffolk, Virginia?

      Riders and passengers are required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle in Virginia. According to the NHSTA, helmets are 37% effective in preventing motorcycle fatalities. They also can protect the head — the Virginia DMV indicates helmets are 67% effective in preventing TBIs.

      What Damages Are Available in Motorcycle Claims in Suffolk, Virginia?

      After a motorcycle collision, victims can suffer many losses to both their body and their motorcycle. The following types of damages Suffolk accident victims can pursue in a personal injury claim.

      Pain and Suffering

      Sometimes losses just simply cannot be measured or are in any way calculable. Virginia personal injury law takes this into consideration when deciding accident claims. Victims are permitted to pursue non-economic losses such as pain and suffering, along with mental anguish.

      Medical Expenses

      Motorcycle accident victims often have a hospital stay, multiple doctor visits, surgery, therapy, and medications, and, as a result, face high medical bills.

      Lost Wages

      It is common for personal injury victims to lose days, weeks, or months from work to recover. Suffolk accident victims can pursue compensation for any earnings they have lost — along with anticipated future loss of wages — since their injury.

      Wrongful Death

      Depending on the situation, families who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident may be able to receive compensation to help cover their losses and take care of the dependents left behind.

      It is vital to speak to an attorney ASAP after a motorcycle accident. Virginia has a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. However, there are exceptions, so you should always speak to a Suffolk motorcycle accident lawyer even if you think you have missed this two-year window.

      What to Look For When Choosing a Motorcycle Attorney

      Choosing the right legal representation after a motorcycle accident is a crucial step that can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Here are a few tips when choosing a motorcycle accident attorney:

      Look For An Attorney With Experience

      When it comes to partnering with a lawyer to pursue legal action, experience truly does matter. In the event of a motorcycle accident, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney with extensive experience handling motorcycle accident claims and the nuances that come with them.

      Look For An Attorney With A Proven Track Record And Trial Experience

      Seeking compensation for losses following a motorcycle accident is not simple. It is best to seek a motorcycle accident attorney who has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience navigating the legal complexities that may arise in your personal injury case.

      Select An Attorney That Has Resources

      An attorney with a wealth of knowledge and the resources to back it up is a great sign that they will be prepared to deal with all the twists and turns that come from a motorcycle accident case. Well-connected personal injury attorneys have the means to consult with the right people to build a strong case on your behalf.

      Montagna Law is a leading Virginia motorcycle accident law firm serving Suffolk. We have a long history of protecting our motorcycle, truck, and car accident clients against insurance companies who will do everything within their power to prove their policyholders are not liable. Our goal is to recover the maximum compensation for our clients’ motorcycle accident claims. We have won exceptional compensation for them as you can see by their testimonials, and we can do the same for you.

      Your Helmet Protects You In a Crash. Let Us Protect You In Court.

      motorcyclist giving a thumbs up

      The motorcycle and auto accident attorneys at Montagna Law have decades of experience combating insurance companies, both in court and out. We know the intricacies that come from Suffolk motorcycle accident claims and all of the tricks insurance adjusters will use to prove you are at fault.

      Let Montagna Law handle the complexities of your motorcycle accident claim and get you the compensation you deserve, while you focus on recovering from the traumatic experience. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will move swiftly and aggressively starting at your initial consultation to ensure the at-fault parties are held financially accountable for your lost quality of life, pain and suffering, lost work time and wages, and medical expenses.

      To obtain a free consultation from our legal professionals about an auto accident or other personal injury practice area, contact us at (757) 622-8100 or fill out our convenient online contact form. Our sincere client relationships with accident victims residing in Suffolk, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, and Portsmouth is extremely important to us, and we promise to fight restlessly for you.