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Trivia Tuesday Answers

| Jon Montagna |

Let’s see how much you know!


1. When was the US Supreme Court established?

A. 1698

B. 1789:
The US Constitution was ratified in 1789, making the Supreme Court official, and it convened for the first time on February 2, 1790.

C. 1802

3. Who nominates justices to the US Supreme Court?

A. The US public

B. The President of the US:
Justices are appointed by the President of the United States, and then confirmed by the Senate.

C. Congress

4. What is the term length of a US Supreme Court Justice?

A. 4 years

B. 12 years

C. Life
Justices serve life terms, unless the retire, resign, take senior status or are impeached (which has never happened).

5. How many justices sit at the current US Supreme Court?

A. 12 – 2 chief justices & 10 associate justices

B. 15 – 5 chief justices & 10 associate justices

C. 9 – 1 chief justice & 8 associate justices
The US Constitution left the number of justices to be determined by Congress, and it has since fluctuated along with the size of the United States population.

2. Who was the first female justice on the US Supreme Court?

A. Sonia Sotomayor

B.  Elena Kagan

C. Ruth Bader Ginsburg:
Ms. Ginsburg was elected to the Court on August 10, 1993 by President Bill Clinton & she has been serving now for 21 years and 11 months.

How did you do?

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