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Trivia Tuesday – Law School – Answers

| Jon Montagna |


1. What year did the Association of American Law Schools adopt a requirement that law school consist of a three-year course of study?

A. 1906

B. 1889

C. 1943

2. The American Bar Association(ABA) headquarter’s is located in which city?

A. Washington, D.C.

B. Chicago, Illinois

C. New York, New York

3. In what year did Notre Dame Law School start admitting women?

A. 1918

B. 1940

C. 1966

4. What Law school did Barack Obama, current President of the United States, graduate from?

A. Northeastern University School of Law

B. Harvard Law School

C. Yale Law School

5. Which is the first Law School established in the United States that is still active today?

A. Marshall-Wythe School of Law (The College of William & Mary) established 1779 (closed in 1861 and reopened in 1920)

B. University of Virginia School of Law

C. University of Maryland School of Law

BONUS: How many of the Presidents of United States have been lawyers?

A. 12

B. 24

C. 42

How did you do?

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