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Man holding neck while exiting a car

What to Do if Your Recalled Vehicle Was in an Accident

In February 2023, Tesla recalled over 360,000 cars because of a major flaw with their full self-driving systems. This recall ...
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woman being handed paperwork from a lawyer

Virginia Estate Planning Cost and Fees

Whether you are a young adult newly turned eighteen or older, deciding to create an estate plan can benefit both ...
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How Many Will Executors Should You Appoint?

According to a 2018 study by EstateExec, it takes, on average, 16 months and about 570 hours of work for ...
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lawyer sitting down and discussing paperwork with a client

Understanding the Types of Trusts in Virginia

Whether you are just beginning your estate planning journey or seeking to expand your plans to protect your children and ...
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13 Common Special Needs Trusts Mistakes to Avoid

If you are caring for a disabled loved one and do not have a special needs trust in place, you ...
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Who Is to Blame for Accidents: Car or Pedestrian?

Accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians can cause severe injuries. In this type of auto accident, the pedestrian is likely ...
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What is the Difference Between Complex and Simple Wills?

When you think about passing away, you are more likely to think about the effect it will have on your ...
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A gray car with front end damage

What to Do in if You Are Involved in a Side Swipe Car Collision

Have you ever been driving on the road and the lanes ahead are merging, but the car next to you ...
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man wearing a leg brace after a leg injury

Common Leg Injuries After a Car Collision

A car accident can be terrifying for many reasons. When someone else hits your car, it can result in a ...
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A man and a woman talking to a police officer after a car accident

What is Virginia’s Good Samaritan Law?

Whether you drive every day or infrequently, you never expect to witness an accident. If you do, however, the next ...
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Woman laying in street holding her leg in pain

How Is A Car Accident Case Affected By The Eggshell Skull Rule?

Worried that a pre-existing condition might bar you from receiving compensation after a car accident? While pre-existing conditions can make ...
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Why Aren’t My Car Accident Injuries Aren’t Covered By My Settlement?

When you have been in an accident, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Unfortunately, 43% of adults are inadequately insured ...
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