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Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a car accident that another driver caused or blamed for someone else’s losses, then having legal representation is essential. Navigating the court system can be extremely challenging when you’re trying to move your life forward, especially if you’re dealing with injuries. In jurisdictions like Virginia Beach, VA, strict laws and enforcement of traffic incidents can make life even tougher.

Can you really afford to tackle such hurdles without dependable legal knowledge? Discuss your case with a Virginia Beach car accident attorney from Montagna Law to arm yourself with the insights and representation that you need to make the right choices.

We Believe in Helping People Face Their Time in Court Confidently

What Should You Do After an Accident in Virginia Beach?

According to the Virginian-Pilot, in 2010, Hampton Roads took the title for Virginia’s most likely place to get into an auto accident. With problems like distracted driving, speeding, failure to yield and tailgating causing the majority of accidents, you can’t take it for granted that your own good driving habits will always keep you safe. You also need to know how to respond when worst comes to worst:

  • Determine whether anyone needs immediate medical assistance. Move out of further harm’s way if necessary.
  • Report the accident to the emergency services immediately by calling 911. Stop and wait for the police to arrive.
  • Report the incident to your insurer, but don’t discuss it with them until you’ve spoken to an attorney.
  • Don’t admit that you were responsible.

It’s impossible to know how your time in court or long-term recovery might play out until you discuss your case with an attorney. Working with the Montagna Law team could empower you with a better roadmap to recovery.

Types of Auto Accident Cases We Handle Out of Virginia Beach

For over 50 years, Montagna Law has represented victims of car accidents in the greater Virginia Beach area.

Our Virginia Beach auto accident attorneys have successfully handled countless cases stemming from a variety of auto accidents including:

We Handle All Types Of Personal Injury Cases

So many types of cases fall under the personal injury umbrella and you need to work with a law firm that has experience working with them all. Montagna Law has years of experience working on all of these types of personal injury cases.

Here at Montagna Law, we have represented clients in all kinds of personal injury cases over the past years. Clients who come to us can rest assured that our personal injury lawyer offers legal representation in all kinds of car accident cases including

Head-on collisions – Head-on collision accidents involve two vehicles whose front parts collide into one another. Head-on collisions are often fatal, depending on the speed of each of the moving cars. This kind of accident often leads to fatal injuries. We are more than happy to offer our legal services to you in such a car accident case like this.

Read-end accidents – Rear-end accidents often occur when one vehicle rams into another from the rear. In cases like this, the driver in front may have braked a little too suddenly or the driver at the back may have had a problem braking and bringing their car to a halt. Such a car accident like this can cause whiplash, sciatica, and other kinds of injuries. According to current statistics, there are about 1.7 million such accident cases reported annually in the United States.

T-bone Collisions – T-bone collisions are often common at intersections. This occurs when an oncoming vehicle rams into the side of another. This accident may sometimes be due to speeding, wanting to beat the traffic light or failure to yield the right-of-way to another driver. This kind of car accident can lead to fatal injuries. Our personal injury lawyers are familiar with cases like this and will help.

Sideswipe accidents – This occurs when one vehicle brushes another sideways. For this kind of accident, both vehicles have their sides scratching against one another. This is a common kind of accident in instances where drivers fail to maintain their lane on the road.

Chain reaction crashes – These are also known as multiple crashes. This occurs when one car causes others to hit the cars before or after them. Usually caused by a huge force of impact that sends multiple vehicles into one another. Victims may suffer injuries like whiplash, concussion, neck pain, and other severe injuries. Added to this, victims may also suffer property damages.

Single Vehicle accidents – This kind of accident occurs when a single vehicle is involved in an accident, whether because it slid off the road or because it hit a standing object. Such an accident may be caused by excessive speeding, loss of vehicle control, problems with the braking system, and more. Our personal injury attorney is ready to work with you to ensure that you get the right help.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been in a Car Accident in Virginia Beach?

The time following a car accident is crucial and that can make it an incredibly stressful time period. 

Filing a lawsuit with an auto accident lawyer guiding you through it may be the last thing on your mind but it is important to take certain steps in the aftermath of your accident as they can affect any legal claims you decide to file later.

  • Get a medical evaluation: Your health and wellbeing should be your number one priority following your accident. If you are not transported to a hospital from the scene of the crash, make sure that you see a doctor yourself. The doctor will identify, diagnose, and treat any injuries you’ve sustained which will significantly reduce the likelihood of suffering from complications in the future. Your medical evaluation will be an imperative piece of evidence when you later file an auto accident claim.
  • Report the crash: Report the crash immediately. An officer will arrive to survey the scene and document the incident. The officer’s report will contain important details relevant to the accident that could get lost over time including current weather conditions, eyewitness testimony and information, and traffic conditions.
  • Gather evidence: Start by taking photos of the scene of the accident, the damage done to any involved vehicles, and your injuries. We also recommend writing down your recollection of the event as this can help to refresh your memory later down the line. 
  • Refuse preliminary settlement offers: Recovering compensation after a car accident in Virginia Beach is not easy. To ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries, do not speak to insurance companies until you’ve consulted with an auto accident attorney.

Contact an attorney: Hiring a car accident attorney is the best way for you to maximize the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries and damages. Call Montagna Law today to schedule a free consultation with our expert legal team.

Is it Worth it to Hire a Virginia Beach Car Accident Attorney?

Settlements for car accidents can range wildly in value and it is nearly impossible to estimate an average with so many factors at play. 

The amount you will receive for your car accident in Virginia Beach depends on a number of variables including:

  • The amount of damage to the vehicle
  • The severity of your injuries
  • The circumstances surrounding the accident
  • The at-fault party in the accident
  • Any economic damages due to loss time from work or inability to return to work

At the law offices of Montagna Law, we have settled auto accident claims up to millions of dollars. We fight to help you recover the largest settlement possible. We are so confident in our ability to get you money that we collect an attorney’s fee only after our clients get paid. Schedule a free consultation with one of our auto accident lawyers in Virginia Beach to learn more about how we handle the payment for our services.

Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Even for a Minor Accident?

Minor accidents can often still cause serious injuries. Plus, injuries often do not surface immediately. Some of the most serious and long-lasting injuries often do not surface until days or weeks after the accident. 

It is imperative to your long-term health and wellbeing that you contact an attorney who can help you to coordinate medical treatment that can alleviate any long-term consequences. 

The auto accident attorneys of Montagna Law will file your claim and ensure that your rights remain protected throughout the entire claim process. We will work on your behalf to collect evidence to prove your accident-related damages, including costs of medical bills and lost wages. We will pursue the other driver’s insurance, seeing to it that you are fairly compensated for your injuries no matter how severe or minor.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim?

Because every case is so different, there are no stats on the average amount of time it takes to settle a car accident claim in Virginia. 

There are several factors that go into determining how long a car accident takes to settle:

  • The severity of the resulting injuries
  • The length of medical treatment required for the victim
  • Whether or not an agreement is reached as to who is at-fault for the accident
  • How quickly the insurance adjusters provide a fair settlement offer

If the insurance company fails to offer a fair settlement in their allotted time, you can file a lawsuit. The earlier you involve us in your case, the better. We’ll hit the ground running collecting evidence to prove negligence and determine the at-fault driver. While for many cases, this requires just a police report and eyewitness testimony, some cases are much more complicated and require the testimonies of other specialists to prove negligence.

We recommend that you jump into action as soon as your injuries allow you to. Contact us to set up a free consultation where we will take a look at your case and offer our analysis. We will also ensure that you do not miss any deadlines that could render your case ineligible for review.

Don’t Let the Legal System Set You Back

In a perfect world, the law would help all who need it. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the rules if you’re unaware of your rights.

We specialize in advising all kinds of people who seek to return normalcy to their lives after auto accidents. Our past clients include motorists, passengers, pedestrians and victims in the Virginia Beach area. We’ve also successfully served people all over the world who experienced traffic accidents while working on military bases or as government contractors.

Regardless of whether you’re pursuing monetary damages to offset your pain and suffering or trying to prove your innocence, we’re fully prepared to help. Contact Montagna Law now to find out why so many people depend on us after their auto accidents.

Virginia Beach Auto Accident Attorney


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