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Chesapeake Auto Accident Attorney

Nobody expects to be involved in auto accidents, but they happen every day, even in great weather and with perfect road conditions. These accidents can turn your life upside down, resulting in serious personal injury and even death. Even worse, insurance companies do not care at all about your recovery. They will go out of their way to avoid paying out your claim.

That is where an experienced personal injury attorney from the Montagna Klein Camden law firm comes into the picture. You focus on the fight to get better again and let us fight for your rights against the insurance company to get you the settlement you deserve in your car accident case.

Why Montagna Law?
  • Over 50 years of experience
  • A proven track record of helping 100s of families find the best outcomes.
  • Our attorneys give hands-on, dedicated, and compassionate legal service.
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Recent Car Accident Lawsuit and Settlement Victories

The personal injury and car accident lawyers at our law office have provided legal representation for thousands of clients like you over the years and have recovered millions of dollars in judgments and settlements. Just a few of the injury settlements we have recently won include $750,000 for one car accident and $500,000 for another, $995,000 for a truck accident, and many other such cases.

Our personal injury law firm is listed among Virginia’s Super Lawyers for excellence in practice, and we put our client relationships ahead of everything else. You will get personalized, one-on-one service, and we will be by your side every step of the way.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident in Chesapeake, Virginia?

The first thing to do after a Virginia car accident is to call first responders. Make sure that everyone on the scene gets medical attention, including you. File a police report. This cannot be used as evidence but will form an important touchstone as you need to remember details later.

Exchange information with the other driver and collect evidence at the scene. Take pictures, make diagrams, and keep notes of everything that happened. The more details you can get, the better off you will be. Report the accident to your insurance company, but stick to the facts, keep it brief, and do not editorialize. Finally, contact the VA car accident lawyers at Montagna Law at 757-622-8100 or use our online contact form to get a free consultation and legal advice about your case.

What Types of Car Accident Cases Does Montagna Law Handle?

Montagna Law car accident attorneys handle all types of motor vehicle accidents and collisions in Virginia. These include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, and multi-vehicle accidents. We can handle single-car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other personal injury cases. If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death case, we can fight for medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, lost wages, and other damages related to the death.

We also handle distracted driving accidents, DUI cases, rollovers, parking lot and highway accidents, weather-related claims, left turn or failure to yield incidents, rideshare cases, hit-and-runs, school bus collisions, and many others. If you have a Chesapeake accident claim, our injury lawyers can help.

Some of the most common types of cases we see include:

  • Head-on collisions: These accidents involve two vehicles that collide front-to-front. Such cases are often fatal if the cars are moving fast. These accidents can also cause life-altering injuries.
  • Rear-end accidents: These types of accidents happen when one car drives into another from behind. They can happen due to sudden braking or distracted driving, among other factors. They can cause back and neck injuries, among other types of harm. About 1.7 million of these occur in the United States every year, and Virginia is no exception.
  • T-bone accidents: These usually happen at intersections when one car hits the other from the side. They can come from running red lights, speeding, and failure to yield, and they have been known to cause fatal injuries.
  • Sideswipes: These incidents happen when a vehicle brushes another alongside. They are common when people do not look before changing lanes.
  • Chain reactions: These occur when a primary crash results in more crashes. They can be quite severe.
  • Single-vehicle accidents: These are when a single vehicle strikes an object that is not another vehicle, like a telephone pole or building.
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What Is the Average Settlement for a Chesapeake Car Accident?

Every car accident case is unique and different, and injury claims depend on the specific circumstances of your case. The amount you can receive depends on, among other factors:

  • The severity of injuries you suffer, from broken bones to brain injury and beyond
  • The damage to your vehicle
  • The circumstances of the accident
  • The amount of blame each party holds
  • Economic damages from loss of work
  • Noneconomic damages related to pain and suffering

We have seen auto accident claims worth tens of thousands of dollars and claims worth millions of dollars. The variety of claim types is vast.

How Does Contributory Negligence Work in Chesapeake, Virginia?

Virginia is one of only four states left that still operate on pure contributory negligence. This concept is extremely harsh, and it states that if the injured person is found to have made any contribution to the accident, or holds any responsibility at all, they are barred from getting any compensation for their injuries.

That means if you are found to be even 1% negligent in the case, you lose your right to sue for damages. This is why it is so essential to have a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney in your corner to prove that the other person is 100% at fault in your case.

Negligence carries with it three factors and is the core element in every personal injury case, from car accidents to product liability and beyond. To prove negligence, we have to demonstrate the following:

First, that the other party, the one who caused the accident, had a duty of care that they violated. In the case of a car accident, this is the easiest part. Everyone on the road has a duty to operate their car in a responsible manner and not put others in undue danger. If they fail to do so, they have violated their duty of care.

Second, we must prove that their violation of duty led to the accident in some way. It must be the direct or proximate cause of the accident. That means they do not necessarily have to be involved in the accident, but if they do something that causes you to lose control of your car and strike a tree, for example, they could still be responsible because their actions were the proximate cause of the accident.

Finally, it must be established that you got hurt as a direct result of the accident. All of your injuries and damages in the lawsuit must flow from the car crash.

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident in Chesapeake?

You should always hire a personal injury lawyer with a focus on car accident cases after you are involved in such an incident. A car accident lawyer sufficiently knows the law and can help build a solid case on your behalf. They can take over the fight with the insurance adjuster so you can focus on getting well again. You have enough stress and fear to deal with; you should not have to worry about fighting to get paid. An injury lawyer can take that stress away.

Perhaps the most important reason to have an injury lawyer in your corner is that the insurance company and the defendant will have lawyers fighting for them. If you do not have a lawyer, you are at a serious disadvantage, especially considering the pure contributory negligence rules of Virginia law. You need someone who can fight back and remind everyone that you are the victim who was severely hurt. You deserve to be compensated for your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages from the accident that their negligence caused.

Dealing with Insurance Companies Only Causes More Pain. Let Us Handle Them

The injury lawyers at Montagna Law cover a wide range of personal cases. Our practice areas include dog bites, premises liability, product liability, workers’ compensation, and other forms of personal injury cases. Even if you do not see a type of case on our website like medical malpractice or estate planning, we may still be able to point you in the right direction.

If you are having trouble dealing with bullying insurance companies, you can cease communication with them at once with the help of our team. A personal injury lawyer from our law firm will fight to get you the fair compensation you deserve for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering all while you recover. Stop into our personal injury law firm, call us at 757-622-8100, or fill out our online contact form.

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