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What Lawyers Wish You Knew

| Jon Montagna |

Every job has it’s peaks, it’s valleys and it’s sinkholes. It’s true that the certain professions are viewed as more comfortable while others are seen as unpleasant; but each and every job has it’s recurring frustrations.

  • Retail: re-organizing the same display for the fifth time in one day.
  • Food service: explaining over and over why one item is not an equal substitution for another.

You get the idea.

Lawyers deal with the same type of irritations as you do, each and every day, just in a different setting. We don’t all fit the Hollywood ideal of a fast-driving, smooth-talking ruler of the courtroom, and we don’t try to. And so, in the spirit of the waitress who single-handedly served a table of ten only to get stiffed, and the retail employee who spent twenty minutes explaining and up-selling only to lose the commission at the last moment, we decided to vent our frustrations online.

Please check out our list of five things that attorneys and lawyers wish YOU knew about US. Enjoy!Montagna-Law-Tired-Attorney-with-Headache

      1. We don’t make the laws, guys. Just as the captain of a ship didn’t call the storm into being, so we had no control over the existence, phrasing or popular interpretation of laws. We’re just navigators, here to help you cross that sea of legalese safely.
      2. We wish the process was quicker, too. As much as we enjoy your company, we wish we could resolve your case immediately, and send everyone home early! But that’s not how it works. There are hang-ups and red tape to be dealt with, and the more people that are involved in your case, the longer the entire process will drag on. Just bear with us, we’re only trying to help.
      3. We’re not miracle workers. Despite what you see on TV and in movies, we don’t always have an ace in the hole or a trick up our sleeve. If you broke the law, and you got caught, it may not matter how good your attorney is. A photo or video, a witness, some irrefutable physical evidence: these reverberate in a courtroom, louder than any attorney’s voice. Sometimes, there is nothing we can do, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try.
      4. We don’t work for free. Would you continue to organize that display if you weren’t getting paid, or bother to smile and refill drinks if you knew for a fact that no tip was forthcoming? Law school is expensive, and practicing law is both difficult and time-consuming. Nobody wants to work for nothing: you wouldn’t do it, so don’t expect us to.
      5. You have the right to be your own attorney, but we advise against it. Let’s go back for a moment to the ship’s captain metaphor: would you try to steer a ship without any training? The longer you stay at the helm, the more imminent your crash. And when you break down and call us up, we’ll have a much larger mess to clean up than we did before. Think you’ll save money by representing yourself? Think again.

We hope you enjoyed our rant, and will think twice before trying to represent yourself. If you need legal advice, Montagna Klein Camden in downtown Norfolk is happy to offer you a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. All you have to do is call.

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