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Trivia Tuesday –  The Code of Virginia Answers

| Jon Montagna |

How much do you know about the Code of Virginia, the statutory law of the U.S. state of Virginia?

Take our Trivia Quiz & find out!

1. In what year was the Virginia Code Commission made a permanent part of the state’s legislative branch and given the responsibility for publishing and maintaining the code?

A. 1950

B. 1997

C. 1914

D. 1883

2. True or False: The laws published in the Code of Virginia are supreme over local ordinances passed by the counties and independent cities of Virginia.


3.  The first unofficial copy of Virginia laws, A collection of all the acts of Assembly of Virginia, was published in 1733 by which Virginian?

A. Thomas Jefferson

B. William Waller Hening

C. William Parks

D. Benjamin Watkins Leigh

4. The Virginia Code Commission also has the responsibility of publishing the Virginia Administrative Code and Rules of Evidence, as well as Virginia State Bar advisory opinions and Virginia compacts, which it may incorporate into the code. How many members compose the Virginia Code Commission?

A. 24

B. 10

C. 36

D. 8

5. The Code of ____(what year) is the most recent official revision of the Code of Virginia and continues to remain in force?

A. 1950

B. 2007

C. 1918

D. 1998

6. How many titles (sections) are there in the Code of Virginia?

A. 27

B. 129

C. 561

D. 67

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