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Portsmouth Auto Accident

Portsmouth Auto Accident Lawyers

After your car accident, what comes next? Even though there are certain things that most people know they should do, such as pulling over and calling 911, wrecks add huge uncertainties to your life. Understanding your legal options may be the best way to regain a sense of healthy stability.

At Montagna Law, our dedicated Portsmouth auto accident attorneys are committed to giving you a better grasp of what the law means for your future. We believe that victims and the accused should have equal access to legal representation. We never stop working to improve our skills and knowledge to empower you.

Recovering From an Accident: What Should You Expect?

The outcomes of accidents depend on the events that caused them. Some golden rules to remember include that

  • Although you should speak to the police and exchange insurance information with other drivers, you shouldn’t admit fault without talking to a legal professional,
  • It’s important to report the incident to your insurance provider quickly, but avoid going into detail before getting legal counsel, and
  • No matter how much evidence you think you have, never assume that a court or insurer will agree with your version of events.

What’s the key takeaway? In short, nobody should ever face life after an accident without legal knowledge. Our lawyers are here to ensure that you don’t have to go without the education that your future depends on.

The Realities of Accidents in Portsmouth

Why do so many Portsmouth motorists and passengers depend on auto accident injury attorneys? Data from Old Dominion University, suggests that traffic may be a factor. With less than one-third of people who worked in Portsmouth also residing in the region in 2015, commuting and accident advisories are facts of life.

Your collision might be more than a mere tap or fender bender. With Portsmouth’s high-speed local travel, massive commercial vehicles, confusing construction patterns and seasonal weather, the dangers of experiencing an auto accident are extremely real. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might have trouble working, caring for your loved ones or simply handling day-to-day affairs.

Take Back the Power to Pursue Closure

Don’t just sit around worrying while a personal injury eats away at your finances, keeps you from following your personal dreams or compromises your career. Discuss your case with an attorney at Montagna Law to learn more about pursuing a settlement or judgment that might help offset your medical costs or lost wages. With combined decades of service and deep roots in the Hampton Roads community, we’re proud to change the way you deal with auto accident injuries.

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