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Somebody Take the Wheel

Life takes unexpected twists and turns. When one of those unforeseen changes of direction leads you into danger on the roads, it’s more important than you think to ask for help. Whether you subscribe to the philosophy from the popular song or place your faith elsewhere, we still recommend a lawyer if you’ve been involved in an automobile accident.

Blurred Road View from Inside a Car

A Montagna Klein Camden personal injury attorney can help you navigate the difficult legal waters of automobile accident lawsuits. Our experienced and determined lawyers are available now for free consultations – all you have to do is contact us.

There are lots of reasons to call an attorney when you’ve been injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle crash. The biggest hassle involved in a lawsuit is actually the paperwork – and by hiring a lawyer you reduce the weight of that burden on yourself. Trust us – when you’re injured and in pain, the last thing you’ll want to do is fill out a bunch of forms. Let us handle the boring red tape, so you can focus on getting better.

Deadlines are another important (and tricky) aspect of filing for compensation. It can be tough to manage medical appointments and legal obligations, not to mention those pesky everyday tasks that still need to get done, particularly when you’re hindered by your injury. Call on Montagna when you need help juggling all the moving pieces of life after an auto accident.

Of course, the most important reason to hire a lawyer is a combination of both of the above reasons, as well as the undeniable truth that you will likely walk away with more substantial financial compensation if you hire an attorney. That’s because we’ve been there, done this before, and we know all the little tricks that make a difference. For example, if you fail to take the correct steps at the correct time in the process of filing your personal injury lawsuit, your case may be thrown out. It’s called “Failure to Mitigate,” and we want to help you avoid it.

Call us today for your free legal consultation. Don’t suffer another minute in silence.

Love Gone Wrong

We all know that business and pleasure should be kept separate, but we also know they don’t always stay separate. When the two mix and an office romance ensues, trouble is never far behind. Check out our list of workplace romance concerns, and be sure to call Montagna Klein Camden if you ever find yourself in a workplace legal predicament.

Get a Room.

montagna-love-gone-wrongThe co-workers in question may be caught making googly eyes or in the act of romantic physical contact. For other co-workers, this can cause extreme discomfort, anger, and even jealousy. While the majority of employees are working hard, the lovebirds in the corner are giggling and flirting. Gossip, rumors, and decreased productivity are soon to follow.

To avoid complaints to HR (which could mutate into lawsuits in court) any workplace romances should be conducted quietly and respectfully, outside of office hours.

Protect your Rep.

While it is understandable to seek & find companionship in the workplace (common interests, already spend 40 hours a week together) it is also perceived as unprofessional. If word gets out, you and your partner may be seen as less serious, and as a result, could be passed over for promotions or special projects.

If your company has a policy in place to mitigate the risks of an office romance, disclose the relationship to HR and go about business as usual. Make it clear that your personal life is personal, and will not interfere with work.

Break Up, don’t Break Down.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life: not all love lasts forever. If the romance has run its course, fights are an inevitable symptom. When both parties work at the same place, this is a recipe for disaster.

The best thing you can do is try to keep the drama from surfacing. If that’s not possible, consider asking for a transfer, a different cubicle, or even searching for a new job.

Love Bites.

Best case scenario: you find a partner for life. Bad case: you lose your job. Worst case: you fear for your life.

Not all office romances are consensual. Sometimes, an employee may receive unwanted or inappropriate attention, gifts, or advances from a co-worker, or worse, an employer. Hopefully, a simple “no” would be enough to deter any additional attempts. If it isn’t, you need to seek professional backup.

Call the workers’ compensation attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden if your workplace has become a hostile environment, or if you’ve been injured on the job. Schedule your free legal consultation and let us get to work for you. 

Make it Personal

Retro 1940s business man in suit and tie on the phone.

The New Year is meant to be a new beginning, but sometimes life throws unpredictable obstacles into our paths. If you’re starting the new year grappling with the aftermath of an accident or injury, don’t try to do it alone.

Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in downtown Norfolk, Virginia and Newport News when you need a friend with legal know-how.

Personal injury covers a wide range of accidents, including those caused by reckless, ignorant or negligent behavior. Car, truck, and most vehicular accidents or collisions are often considered personal injury, as well as slanderous speech, physical assault, injuries or issues caused by defective products, and medical/dental malpractice.

If you believe your injury is the result of one of these causes, contact Montagna Klein Camden today for your free legal consultation.

If you or a loved one have recently sustained an injury due to the negligence of another party, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure that your case is protected. Do not admit to any fault, always obtain the contact information of all other parties, and call the police and your Montagna Klein Camden personal injury lawyer immediately. We can take it from there.

We’ll make sure that the necessary and pertinent information gets documented; that witnesses of your accident are contacted and that you meet all deadlines and make all scheduled court appearances. We’ll make sure you’re not in this alone.

Your health is an important consideration as well. Your Montagna Klein Camden attorney can see to it that you make all the right appointments, get in to see all the right doctors, and make copies of all the right papers for court. We’ll see to it that you receive the compensation you’re owed, including payment of medical bills and funding to cover expenses while you or your loved one are unable to work.

The First Steps

When you realize you have been hurt, it’s important to first assess the nature of your injury and those of others involved. Have a trusted physician examine all wounds and determine whether or not you are capable of returning to your regular routine.

Although it may be tempting, although we live in the social media era, DO NOT POST PHOTOS of your incident online. Gather official records from medical and law enforcement professionals, make copies of everything and do not discuss your case with anyone, on or off the computer.

Your lawyer will help you determine how much you should be compensated for your loss of income and/or personal mobility while you recover. A wound that may seem superficial or temporary to you may actually turn out to have long-term effects on your health, which is why it’s important to have the expertise of an attorney in your corner. Contact an insurance company on your own, and you run the risk of receiving less money to which you could be entitled, forcing you to return to work when you may not be fully recovered.

Resolve to Live Healthy in 2017

Don’t let the results of an accident change the way you live in the new year for the worse. Call the lawyers of Montagna Klein Camden to get the money you deserve so you can return to work and feeling back to normal.

Holiday Happenings

montagna-norfolk-lawMerry Montagna, Hampton Roads!holiday-hampton-roads

Each year, our law firm sponsors a family for Christmas, and this year is no different. Our Hampton Roads family-in-need has sent their wish lists on to the elves at Montagna Klein Camden, and we can’t wait to send them a sleigh full of joy this season. We’re currently running a food drive for our needy family and we invite you to head to our office downtown to help out!

That’s not all the good news we have, either! Mr. John Klein, Partner attorney, will be featured as a Top Lawyer of 2016 in the January issue of the Coastal Virginia Magazine. Keep an eye out at the checkout counter, and check back with us for the link!

Have a Happy Holiday Hampton Roads!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

‘Tis the season for holiday travel and Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm is here to help you get home safe & sound. We know from experience that some roads in Virginia involve paying greater attention to surrounding drivers. Higher traffic volume in addition to major trucking routes make some highways such as I-81 and I-64 through Staunton and Charlottesville especially notorious for auto accidents. Take a look at our tips for safe holiday travel, and remember: should the worst happen and you or a loved one is injured – or worse – you’ll need a legal professional on your side. Trust the experienced and compassionate attorneys at Montagna Law serving all of Virginia.

santa-holiday-travelSafe Travel Tips:

Know the Risks: For Thanksgiving alone, 48.7 million Americans planned to travel. Of those, 89% (3.5 million) planned to drive. With that many people on the road, safety is a definite concern. If you’re one of them, be sure to get plenty of rest before a long road trip, and stop often for breaks. It’s important to be alert and aware of your surroundings, particularly when you’re carrying precious cargo (like your family).

Know Who to Call: AAA expected to rescue over 370,000 motorists on the roads over Thanksgiving. If you’re not a AAA member, check the details of your auto insurance or cell phone plan. Some include roadside assistance (often at a small additional charge). Look into specials or promotions going on in the areas you’ll be passing through; some companies may be offering no-strings-attached assistance due to the holiday rush.

Be Prepared. The most common roadside issues include dead batteries and flat tires. Pick up a set of jumper cables (some don’t even need another car to get you going again) or have your battery tested before departure by your preferred mechanic. Snag a flat tire repair kit and a first aid kit while you’re at it – just in case. Should a minor incident occur, you’re well equipped to deal with it and be on your way with minimal time lost.

Be Smart. The best advice we can offer is to stay sober, buckle up and don’t text while driving. Nominate a tried-and-true copilot to handle any drama inside the vehicle, and keep your eyes firmly on the road ahead, especially on roads with a lot of big rig trucks who may not see be able to see you. Keep your distance behind them, and stay clear of their blind spots. Remember, if you can’t see the truck driver in their mirrors, they can’t see you either!

If the worst should happen and you run into holiday travel trouble, keep calm and call Montagna. Our experienced Virginia attorneys are ready and able to take on your personal injury, vehicular accident case. Whether plane, train, or automobile, Montagna Klein Camden is here to help.

We Put the ‘Personal’ in Personal Injury

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic Collision, holding his neck

When you’re injured, whether physical, mental or emotional, it may feel like everyone is conspiring against you. First, you’re hurt. Next, the insurance company refuses to take care of you. Finally, the fees or medical bills associated with your injury start piling up.

What to do, when it seems like the whole world is out to get you?

Contact the compassionate personal injury attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk and Newport News, VA.

Our personal injury lawyers are smart, skilled and experienced. But more than that, we care. We truly care that you’ve been hurt, and we genuinely want to help right the wrongs done to you. It’s just who we are, and it’s just what we do.

Personal injury is not always easy to spot. It comes in many forms, including slander, auto accidents, assault, product defects, medical and dental malpractice. You may not be sure that your case is personal injury, so give us a call. We offer free legal consultations to all, in the hopes that we can provide some assistance, even if you decide not to pursue a case with us.

At the Law Offices of Montagna Klein Camden in Hampton Roads, YOU are our priority. We care about the outcome of your case because we care about YOU. We know the law, and we know how to make it work for YOU.

You’re already hurt. Don’t wait around for things to get worse. Make a change for the better, and call us today.

Common Workers Compensation Cases

Workplace injuries are a serious issue, and it can feel like you against the world. Your employer, their insurer and their attorneys may try to compensate you with insufficient funds or refuse to admit responsibility at all, leaving you hurt, out of work and feeling helpless.

Don’t let those in power push you around. You’ve been wronged, and you have every right to seek medical care and financial compensation. Call the aggressive and persistent attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk and Newport News, VA when you need a fighter in your corner.

Although a workplace injury can happen to anyone at anytime, and no two cases are exactly alike, there are a few workers compensation claims that are more frequent than others. Take a look at our list of common workers compensation cases, and call us at 757-622-8100 for a free legal consultation if you’ve been hurt while at work.

I Work Too Hard.Injured on the job

Overexertion is the number one cause of workplace injury. Pulled muscles and strained joints are frequently experienced while on the job at factories and construction sites, as well as other workplaces requiring physical labor.

You were hurt working hard, but now your boss won’t pay for your medical expenses. Don’t let them take advantage of your hard work, then leave you high and dry. Contact Montagna Klein Camden to schedule your free legal consultation today to make them pay.

That Was Close!

Bodily Reaction can be bittersweet. Slipping or tripping while managing not to fall down can still result in an injury, with serious consequences. Twisted ankles, sprained joints and other painful injuries can become a real problem. These are truly unavoidable, and can strike at any time, in any profession.

You thought you’d avoided the worst, but then the aftershock hit. If you’ve experienced bodily reaction while at work, don’t wait another day. Call a Montagna Klein Camden attorney today and we’ll discuss your case and how to get justice.

What Was That?

Being Struck by an object can happen at any occupation, and can vary in severity. Whether you work in an office, restaurant, retail store or on a construction site, you’re nearly always at risk of something falling from a shelf or being dropped from above.

There was no way to see it coming, but now you’re hurt and nobody will help. Contact the workers compensation attorneys at Montagna Law to stand up for what’s right, and get the financial rewards that you deserve.

On The Road Again.

Vehicular Collisions while on the clock are a frequent workers compensation case. Truck drivers, police officers and traveling businessmen & women are at a high risk for car accidents while working.

You went to the ends of the earth, but they won’t go to the bank. Don’t let your employer take you for a ride. Contact the Virginia workers compensation lawyers at Montagna Law Firm to take back the wheel and get what’s yours.

Man & Machine.

Technology has changed a lot of things in our world, including the ways in which workers are injured while on the job. Factories and construction sites often employ the use of complex, heavy duty machinery, which can crush, mutilate or paralyze those working nearby. Such equipment is often neglected when it comes to maintenance, and training for employees is usually minimal. We’ve seen it before. You were doing your job but the equipment wasn’t up to snuff, or nobody took the time to properly coach you through the controls. You put your trust in them, and they broke it. Trust our Norfolk workers compensation lawyers to fight for your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

As the most common workplace injuries, there are of course many more. If you’ve been injured on the job in any way, call the workers compensation attorneys at the Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm in Norfolk or Newport News, Virginia.

We’ll stand for you, with you, and by your side every step of the way.

Summer Street Safety

Road safety is a shared responsibility, especially in Hampton Roads during the summer. Pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists and bicyclists all share a mutual obligation to keep the roads safe. Whether you’re a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, we’re all in this together.

If you or someone you love is hit by an automobile this summer, call the Personal Injury attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk and Newport News. We can help fight to get you the medical treatment and financial compensation you deserve. Call us for a free legal consultation to learn more about your rights and potential rewards.

Let Montagna Klein Camden help you navigate the mean streets this summer with our tips and tricks for summer safety. Stay cool and stay safe!

Texting While Walking

As a Driver:

  1. PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE. It’s not worth your life, or anyone else’s. It can wait.
  2. BUCKLE UP. Why take a chance?
  3. Get settled before you put the car in drive. Rather than hitting the road only to realize your parking pass is in the backseat, take a moment before you leave to think about where you’re going and what you’ll need. If you know you’re going to stop for fast food, set your wallet on the seat beside you. If you always play music through your phone, plug it in and choose your playlist before you reverse out of anywhere.
  4. If you’re making a long trip, stop regularly to stretch, eat, drink and take care of yourself. If you stay cramped up in that car for too long, you could lose focus or even fall asleep. Even if only for five minutes, pull over and walk around to shake yourself out of the monotony.
  5. Share the road. When a cyclist is near you on the road, give them an extra few seconds with your signal on before changing lanes, merging, etc. Their vehicles are smaller and more vulnerable than yours, and a small bump could result in extensive injuries, or even death. A few moments’ hesitation on your part could save a life.
  6. Summer storms can strike Hampton Roads suddenly. If you’re on the roads when one of these gusty, drizzly storms hits, you may want to flip on your hazard lights and pull over. Other drivers will likely be doing the same, and visibility can decrease drastically without warning. Luckily, such fury seldom rages for long. You’ll be back on your way in no time.

As a Pedestrian:

  1. PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE. Would you cross a tightrope with your eyes shut? Then don’t cross the street while texting.
  2. Exercise caution when it comes to headphones. You can’t be completely aware of your surroundings if you can’t hear what’s happening around you. Turn down the volume, pop out one earbud, or both.
  3. Be visible, be alert. Stay in view of traffic during the day, when traveling on sidewalks or waiting to cross streets. At night, wear light or reflective clothing and stick to more well-lit areas.
  4. Never assume that a car will slow, stop or wait for you. Even if you’re pretty sure they saw you, wait an extra moment. Try to make eye contact with the driver, and be certain that your path is safe before setting foot off that sidewalk.
  5. Be wary of alcohol. Approximately half of all pedestrian crashes involve alcohol in some capacity, and of those, the pedestrian was the one who had been drinking 34% of the time. If you’re drinking and walking, we applaud you for not driving, but remind you that it is still risky. Stay on the sidewalk, and if possible, with friends or family who are not drinking.

As a Parent:

Teenagers are already the most likely drivers to get into an accident, but during the summer months, the roads are positively deadly for teens aged 15 – 19. All kids are out of school, other inexperienced teen drivers are learning the ropes on the same pavement as your child, and they’re all pretty focused on that little screen in their pockets. Start your teen’s driving career off on the right foot; teach them good, safe habits now and avoid the pain, heartache and expense of auto accidents later.

The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is a particularly risky place during summer. Vacationers crowd the streets with their SUVs and motorhomes, while locals swarm the sidewalks and beaches in droves. With all of those people and all of that movement, the boardwalk becomes a hotbed for danger.

Contact Montagna Klein Camden today if you or someone you love has been injured by a careless, reckless or distracted driver. Let us make it right.

Montagna Bikes for MS

Bike-MSThe Montagna Klein Camden team was honored to take part in the inaugural “Bike MS: Colonial Crossroads” – a 150-mile fundraising ride on June 4th to help those in our area living with multiple sclerosis. Thanks to the National MS Society’s Virginia – West Virginia Chapter for inviting us to participate. A world free of MS is a goal we’re always happy to support.

Speak Up

Hearing ExamEmployers and employees in the maritime industry face a number of hazards and dangers each day on the job. These risks are precisely the reason for the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, or LHWCA. Under the umbrella of the LHWCA, maritime workers are protected in case of injury, including permanent partial disabilities, such as hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a serious injury, one which will stay with the worker for the rest of his or her life. Fortunately, compensation is payable to those maritime workers suffering hearing loss from the job. If you are a maritime worker whose hearing has been damaged due to your occupation, contact the experienced and aggressive legal team at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk, VA.

There are a couple of steps to take if you’ve suffered occupational hearing loss:

  1. Notify your employer IMMEDIATELY after the damage has occurred. Contact Montagna Klein Camden for your free consultation to learn more about your rights. Obtain an LS-1 form from your employer, which authorizes medical treatment from the physician of your choice.
  2. Get medical treatment as soon as possible.
  3. Give written notice within 30 days of your injury, using the LS-201 form. Contact the nearest OWCP office for more information.
  4. File a written claim within one year of A) your injury or B) your last compensation payment; whichever date is later.

Click Here to obtain LS forms.

Click Here for more info about Longshore District Office.

Click Here to schedule your free legal consultation with the skilled attorneys at Montagna Klein Camden Law Firm in Norfolk, Virginia.

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